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   purifier factory service chaos frequent service water purifier can not be ignored! With the trend of consumption upgrade and enhancement of health-conscious consumers, a growing number of consumers as standard water purifier to buy healthy living. Unlike other home appliances, water purifier installation and post-maintenance professionals need to follow up, such as post-filter life is exhausted, the timely replacement will not cause secondary pollution. But the fact is that the water purifier sales service chaos of frequent and problematic.



   from a service point of view, water purification product design, site measurements, on-site installation and after-sales maintenance and repair, reliance on services is very high. Currently, many brands of water purification inadequate coverage, inadequate professional services personnel, equipment delivery line separation and other issues outstanding, which also led to some of the water purifier brand reputation plummeted. Common to some domestic water purifier brand, for example, pre-sales service can do caring, thoughtful professional advice to answer consumers to buy when problems arise after installing a period of time, call the telephone service or related technical personnel on-site inspection and maintenance time , prevarication appears, fix it, arbitrary charges, a case where no filter replacement and maintenance, which makes consumers lack sufficient confidence in the water purifier brand, switch to other brands.

   In recent years, whether it is the traditional home appliances business, or direct selling companies, cosmetic companies, all have set foot in the water industry. Chinas water purifier manufacturers have grown to more than 3,000 in recent years, the annual rate of 30% of the increase, but there are 10% of business failures or change jobs. Due to the rapid development of water purification industry, more and more businesses flock to the gene no service water purification industry. The service set up water purification system, it is a long-term process of accumulation. A short, simple service alone mode or direct outsourcing model, it is difficult to ensure the quality of service and experience. Currently a lot of water purifier manufacturers, although there are after-sales service, but most are outsourced, mainly in two ways: First, the outsourcing of services to the agents to do relatively better; the other is "pure outsourcing", those sale What brand do maintenance point entirely profit-oriented behavior detriment of consumers is prone.

   After water purifier installation, service began in earnest, maintenance and other after-sales service for the core to do, in order to reflect the brand can effectively do to provide users with long-termStable good clean water. Reliable water purifier investment, look for fresh water added. Fresh water plus CCTV broadcasting brand water purifiers, water purifiers five consecutive top ten Chinese brands

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