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What kind of ceramic mug healthier


   at the same time, people use ceramic cup ceramic cup must understand, about what kind of ceramic cup is more healthy? Small series to introduce you to in the article.




There are many sorts of cup format, as in our lives: We are drinking glass containers, paper cups, ceramic cups and so on, then we 2020-06-05 it is to talk about ceramic cup, then what kind of ceramic cup is more healthy? Xiaobian for you to analyze.


on a ceramic mug can be divided into many types, including bone china, white porcelain, high-white porcelain, stoneware, and so all kind of nice, porcelain library Chinese there are many such ceramic cup, feeling very good. These are the first choice for people drinking cups, its health and environmental protection.


then the next we introduce you to how to distinguish healthy ceramic cup:


1, the cover is appropriate, the ceramic lid can not let the water cool so quickly, if the lid covered up inappropriate, so may be defective, it will also affect the future use.


2, listen to the sound, finger flick, should issue clear, melodious voice, then this delicate porcelain dense, if hoarse voice, then as inferior porcelain, can not buy.


3, look at the pattern, drink plenty of water will be exposed when the mouth cup wall, the top of the outside of the cup wall, where the mouth is not in contact with a pattern, while the inner wall is best not to have a pattern. Because these decorative glaze contains traces of heavy metals lead, cadmium, long-term use is not easy. The human body has certain hazards.


4, touch the surface to see if it is smooth, look for cracks, holes, spots, like glass as smooth if, the product is better.


through our above introduction, I hope to help bring your life, if you have any kind of cup to drink water most security issues, please visit our more about all in the family little knowledge of drinking water we.




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