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Water industry as -Warring States Period- agentsre we headg-

   Although the water purification industry in China has developed a few years, but still in the incubation period of the Enlightenment period and consumer markets. Our consumers have a rate of water purification products is very low, only about 5%, and European and American countries compared to a big gap. Data from a third party point of view, the capacity of the water industry will reach the level of refrigerators and air conditioners. No giants face a situation, companies have the layout, fierce war with easy access to. Due to the low water industry technical threshold, making some small manufacturers also joined the competition. On the total number of domestic water purifier manufacturers, and none of the agencies had to be the exact statistics, but industry reports from previous years can be extrapolated, the number of water purifier manufacturers existing home probably around 5000-6500, they scattered throughout the country.


   cohabitation, the quality of worrying

   Chinese water scarcity, serious water pollution, water purification industry to bring some opportunities, industry giants are increasing funding in this area. However, uneven product quality, service quality has been stagnant, or will become an obstacle to the water industry.

   According to the survey of the relevant departments of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shenzhen, Foshan and other water purifier manufacturers to carry out, 40% of the products do not meet national standards. Low entry barriers, competition in the industry has led to confusion. It does not make efforts in research and development and after-sales, but in order to expand the market, the introduction of cheap products, after-sales service can not keep up.

   What will happen

   At present manufacturers fierce competition, most have taken a price war, price wars are often the consequences of that decline in the quality of quality. Some large manufacturers should focus on research and development, the key lies in water purification water purifiers, filtration technology area should be improved. The volume of water purifiers, noise, Repairs require special attention.

   from the past consumers hesitant to buy them become active, indicating that the water industry with accumulated previous years, is beginning to blossom.

   water purification industry for two decades, although every year in progress, but far from blowout status, popularity is not high heels. Water industry, the road ahead will be long

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