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Quality is the core competitivadvantagtoap water purifier

   growth history of a brand, often reflect the history of the development of an industry. Especially brand, to guide consumption plays an important role. This brand is a sign of a product, but in recent years, due to the advertising hype become routine for major companies, the brands reputation is also facing a severe test. Therefore, it has proposed a remodeling business knowledge quality standards for the water purification industry, this point needs long-term perspective.




quality is the core competitiveness to tap water purifier advantages (Photo from Internet)

   competition to brand competition core technology strength

   [ 123] in addition to competition in the channel, as well as the strength of competition in the technology brand brand competition at present. Domestic enterprises mainly ism is relatively heavy, the core film products, water pumps, solenoid valves have been procured mainly secondary development based on functional development. At present, thus causing more serious product homogeneity, many dealers choose brands in brands easily strayed into the trap, that is to see more brands.

   According to an authoritative market report pointed out that the current consumer brand in the purchase price of two factors. But with the popularity of water purifiers common sense, water purifiers or will return to the product itself. Product filtering accuracy, the total net amount of water, the material level of health need to be further strengthened. Currently ultrafiltration membrane filter precision need to be further strengthened, thereby achieving 0.01 micron membrane K in addition to the current international force Sri Lanka, yet no other company can match. Water areas.

   competition to brand competition overall marketing strength of the

   whether assembled or water purifier product R & D strength, we all need to come to the front of consumers. Water purifier in the past experiential marketing, sales prices will be lower in rural areas, regarded as an effective way of marketing. Consumers are still relatively low awareness of water purifier, product knowledge is not quite enough, water purifiers leading brands need to be arranged in the terminal, community activities, rural activities, the more prominent cases and net water quality water filter effect of contrast, emphasis on practicality and hygiene products, increased activity screening and marketing channels of contact area. Do water purifier dealers need to let go of thinking, quick response to market needs, do not follow the thinking of some domestic appliance business to go.

   Select brand strength of the manufacturers, choose unique products, unique and innovative ideas on the choice of channels,Such dealers will be able to grow quickly, a slice of the water purifier market development.

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