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Pure water on these wonderful thingo say you heard it

   of purified water by reverse osmosis, ion exchange, distillation and the like out of the preparation process, to the vast majority of impurities except water. This is sufficient clean water is very safe drinking water. But often someone will say, pure water, lack of trace elements, long-term drinking can cause nutritional deficiencies, damage to health. really?




thing about pure water of these wonderful saying you heard it (Photo from Internet)

   to drink, just to add water

   Some people say: pure water removes impurities, but also removes minerals needed by the body ah

   Yes, almost no minerals in purified water!. However, the water in order to meet the bodys need for water. We eat three meals a day, it is the main way to get these nutrients. You know, drinking water in the mineral content is very small, really no mineral water ad says so marvelous.

   you go look at those indicators illustrate mineral water sold on the market, such as the calcium content, calcium content of the whole child doing a bottle of water, you might as well drink the milk of calcium and more. Rely on water to supplement minerals, not really meaning.

   again later if someone brings in "pure water lead to nutritional deficiencies" to Bluff, you get to go back to him:? Rice is no vitamin C, it can also damage healthy eating rice

   pure water rumors

   of purified water body "blame" too much, choose a few of the most widely circulated out of her face.

   1, pure water is acidic, is the source of sickness?

   acid-base physique, "said the 21st century is simply the biggest health rumors, so many years has been tireless crash. Whether weak acid or weak alkaline water, to the stomach are acidic (gastric credit), to the intestine is slightly alkaline. the pH of human blood and body fluids has a set of dynamic equilibrium of metabolic control mechanisms, so that blood pH is maintained at a stable value. How can it be of a bottle of water can affect the?

   2, pure water will take away the body of useful minerals?

   this rumor is to say: pure water to remove the substance in water, but water has a memory, so the water came to the human body, it found that all the trace elements are deprived of your body there, so put water in your body of calcium, zinc, magnesium and other minerals metabolized.In other words, drink pure water, drink more calcium deficiency.

   to see such a god copywriting, small mood is shocking. In pure water production, also heavy metals, harmful substances are also filtered out, according to this logic, would not drink pure water can detox treatment?

   In fact, the human body all the time during metabolism, metabolic waste discharge absorb new nutrients. These metabolic waste, there are a lot of trace elements. So, whether you drink drink pure water, trace elements in our bodies are constantly metabolism, this is not a terrible thing. The body has its own mechanism of ion balance, as long as you a balanced diet, metabolized trace elements, can be supplemented by food.

   3, the developed countries do not drink pure water?

   Now rumors really say anything. We can go to Wal-Mart site search "pure water" (purifiedwater), there are more than 30,000 results! The fact is that Europe and America have to drink pure water for decades, did not find any pure water and disease relevance.

   behind these rumors, it is likely to have commercial purposes. Fudge your pure water is not good, you often want to buy mineral water, alkaline water, or other water-related products.

   What water should we drink?

   For drinking water, the most important thing is safety. Therefore, qualified pure water, mineral water and boiled water, no problem, what is easy (cheap) Which election.

   For more than ten dollars are now easily available in the market, high water tens of dollars, such as "ice water" "ionized water" "ecological water" "deep ocean water" and the like, are basically "form than content "may be a little more trace elements, but also far from the daily diet and par.

   Of course, these high-end water-line of beautiful packaging, taste good, you can also take in hand the loading force. If you do not feel bad wallet, of course, you can buy slightly, you are happy on the line.

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