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The actual control intends to open to vironmeaptecti wilbe c

   December 26 at noon, open to environmental protection issued "detailed report of changes in equity", Gabriel (Ningxia) Investment Management Center (referred to as "Gabriel investment") 7.16% stake in the transferee company and get 18.42% of the shares voting rights commission, to become the controlling shareholder, actual controller will be changed to Zhao Li Jun Qu Jianguo. Zhao Li Jun in an interview with reporters, said, "open to environmental protection by no means a simple device manufacturers, it has a very strong R & D and manufacturing capabilities, also has provided ongoing environmental health system solutions and service capabilities for the family. Open to environmental protection the future will become a leader in whole house water purification in this segment. "



   aimed whole house water purification market segments

   the changes in equity concrete is, Qu Jianguo and Ghosn investment will be entrusted to 18.42% of its holdings of listed company shares corresponding voting rights to Zhao Li Jun Jun Tian investment control exercise; Gabriel investment proposed transferee Yanghuan Feng, Qu Peijun other listed companies held 7.16% of the shares.

   After the completion of changes in equity, Gabriel investment will become the controlling shareholder open to environmental protection, Li Zhao Jun will be the actual control of people open to environmental protection.

   It is noteworthy that, Zhao Li Jun is the A-share listed companies Potier, chairman of the environment and the actual control people. Founded in 1995, Bo-day environment, is a leading integrated service provider environment, providing high-end industrial water treatment systems and urban water environment integrated solutions, and get involved in ecological restoration, monitoring to detect multiple business areas, such as intellectual environment, February 2017 was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange main board.

   open to environmental protection said that based on the recognition of the listed company philosophy, development strategy, and the listed companys future in the home water treatment prospects related fields optimistic, Zhao Li Jun intends to become the new actual controller open to environmental protection . Zhao Li Jun uphold the concept of green development over the years deep plowing field of environmental protection, and will use its own extensive industry experience and ability to integrate resources industry, helping open to environmental protection sustainable development.

   "I believe there will be more partners and we work together build a better living environment, open to environmental protection will practice the next decade, the rapid development of commitment to become a full-house water purification leader in this market segment It will also continue to support the original energy cells. "Zhao Li Jun representation.

   Bo-day environment and open to environmental protection has been cooperation at the operational level. "Zhao Li Jun onHousehold water purification industry very well, and said that in addition to working to improve the urban environment, improve the family intends to focus small environment. "Qu Jianguo expressed.

   to adjust the cell storage services

   the evening of December 21, open to environmental protection announced that the company intends to hold its former subsidiary to the Group 10.99% stake in cash way to transfer the former controlling shareholder, actual controller Qu Jianguo, a price of 250 million yuan

   the business adjustment marks, open to environmental protection will refocus the companys strengths plate - water treatment business, the companys original Group equity ratio could fall to 16.48%, mainly engaged in the business of cell storage Atomic energy Groups investment into financial investments.

   2014, open to environmental protection announced its entry into the main water treatment business of immunity cell storage field, and in that year it invested 100 million yuan to set up the Atomic energy cell (Atomic energy Group predecessor), but from 2015 to 2017 in late August, the former to the Groups revenues were 2.6992 million yuan, 13,308,400 yuan and 23.5407 million yuan; while net loss was increased, respectively -1635.32 million -2913.19 million and $ -3003.18 ten thousand yuan

   for the business restructuring, open to environmental protection, said the former energy groups engage immune cells storage business is a long period of industry profitability, and during this period requires a lot of R & D investment, the current fierce market competition, the Groups profitability Atomic energy needs to be strengthened.

   after the adjustment, open to environmental protection with the original cell can no longer consolidated financial statements, profit growth and its main business of home water treatment will be fully highlight the

  . (source: China Securities Journal)

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