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Water purifier manufacturs and deals must establish good rel

   In recent years, increasingly serious water pollution, water purifier industry along with the rapid rise of the whole industry to play a role in promoting the development of national energy conservation has become increasingly prominent, national support policies for the industry is also interested in tilt more and more obvious. In 2015 Waste Management Project, the water purifier been included in the scope of energy subsidies, energy-saving products is the highest in a single product subsidized products.

   In recent years, home water purifier market fast, huge market interests, but the market various brands of water purifiers uneven, has done very good, but also do bad Some high-quality water purifier brand stand out. Water purifier from manufacturers to dealers to final consumers, is the most important part of agents and water purifier manufacturers and cooperative relations, direct measure of water purifier brand success.


   market experts to provide you with the agency to resolve water purifier manufacturers healthy relationship:

   1, cooperation agents Road

   as a regular water purifier manufacturers want is to do long-term, prices accounted for a large part, but the water purifier agent does not always feel that way, agents make shelves, is thought to make "money" as soon as possible to put themselves feed, the market price will always be their impact to pieces, one after another phenomenon of changing products. Water purifier manufacturers have made the brand awareness, agents and water purifier manufacturers is not a step to, you gong, his shooting, each doing its own thing, so very cold water purifier manufacturers.

   2, water purifier investment difficult?

   finally spend some money out advertising, after advertising, there are a lot of agents called to ask, in many cases, there is no further progress ; a small number of agents to select some field trips, no sales agents, water purifier manufacturers how to live

   3. greedy water purifier agents?.

   water purifier agents often want to take a small amount of goods, but to give a water purifier manufacturers exclusive agent eligibility, water purifier manufacturers make very daring, do not give it. Agents are like bargain, but not unreasonable, bloody, water purifier manufacturers do not make much profit, the water purifier manufacturers become his production department.

   4, agents difficult to serve;

   product can be without any after-sale problems, water purifier manufacturers usually tell in advance by proxy; water purifiers require on-site installation and commissioning will be , at leastHydro understand the point of knowledge, if not in place, the probability of the occurrence of the problem products will increase in the service, once a problem is always to blame water purifier manufacturers.

   water purification agents often talks about that: First, water purifier manufacturers said before the investment hype, money into the pockets, the support of delays in implementation. Each water purifier manufacturers in the bill lifetime factory water purifier manufacturers account, you see, not timely delivery, after-sales support delay in place, he said at the time of a lot of good promises, have become the Stronghold. Secondly, many deceivers water purifier manufacturers. Water purifier manufacturers Longshehunza this group, obviously to OEM product, have to say their own production; poor water purifier manufacturers years ago opened, closed years after the sale of all products rot in the hands of the agent, out of agents a cavity anger. Again, water purifier manufacturers policy does not equal justice. Water purifier manufacturers investment staff, to come out very unified agent price, so be sure to bargain, or will do being taken advantage of. Finally, water purifier manufacturers to price instability. Since we spent the money to purchase, definitely I want to do a good job, but, feeling water purifier manufacturers to bear all the risks Let us, their sleep big sleep. The price can not remain stable, prices are not the same everywhere, profit margins are too unstable.

   In general in this industry gives the impression that is also a lack of integrity, water purifier manufacturers and dealers become opposing sides, each his own, each do its thing, husband and wife become two strange bedfellows, cooperation is not only not brought the expected ideal to both sides, and finally against each other a lot of people, we must ask, where exactly is the problem?

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