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The role of hydrogen-rich water


   hydrogen-rich water, now widely used in maintenance, beauty and other industries in Japan. So, the role of water in the hydrogen-rich it? You look at it!




that is based on water enriched oxygen product of the third pathway, typically in purified water or natural mineral water enriched with a certain basis via a special process obtained an additional oxygenated dissolved oxygen in a packaging drinking water. So, the role of water in the hydrogen-rich it? Let Xiaobian to tell us about it!


1, hydrogen-rich water oxidation action on the human body


a large number of biological evidence suggests that hydrogen is the only currently determined and the selective action of free radicals and nitrite anions selective antioxidant substance, which is what hydrogen treatment against oxidative damage molecular basis of disease. Further, a very small volume of hydrogen molecules, can penetrate quickly spread throughout the body, and can penetrate the cell membrane of various types of physiological barrier, into the nucleus, generally means away malignant active oxygen can not be eliminated. More importantly, the hydrogen scavenging reactive oxygen itself can be converted into water by the body, it does not affect the normal function of active oxygen and other benign biomolecules. Oxidation reflected in all aspects of the human body, including skin problems, cardiovascular problems, autoimmune diseases, cancer and aging, etc., long-term drinking hydrogen-rich water can enhance immunity improve the complexion, skin, pigmentation, age spots and so on.


2, hydrogen-rich water to the repair of human metabolism


refers to the repair material and energy metabolism of metabolism gradual recovery process. A lot of fat, sugar, purine intake will increase the burden on the metabolic system, over time, metabolism disorder, decreased processing power of these substances, leading to metabolic disease. By hydrogen-rich water balance within the environment, fully restored metabolic function, improvements include high cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension, hyperuricemia, gout and other metabolic related diseases fundamentally.


3, water, hydrogen-rich anti-aging effect of


A study from Japan found that perennial drinking hydrogen-rich water of centenarians hydrogen yield unusually strong, three times the ordinary people the above. As we all know the proportion of centenarians suffer from cardiovascular disease and cancer is much lower than the average person, the study not only confirms the anti-aging effects of hydrogen, combined with other studies, further confirms the value of hydrogen in the fight against cardiovascular disease, cancer, etc. .


4, Hydrogen-rich water on Chronic diseases


International authority test proved that hydrogen reduces the hydrogen-rich water pathological conditions of oxidative damage, inflammatory injury, apoptosis, 60 kinds of common human diseases, such as type cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, cerebral spinal trauma old, in Alzheimers disease, diabetes, kidney disease, etc., with the desired therapeutic effect. Domestic Taishan hospital for a column human metabolic syndrome, the effect is obvious. But this thing is not medicine, and it is a strange phenomenon. But in the hydrogen-rich water in Japan have applied for drug batch, planned for the alleviation of cancer patients during chemotherapy side effects.


5, hydrogen-rich water on treatment of allergic diseases


very many allergy, including skin allergies, respiratory allergies, irritable bowel, but no matter what kind of immune and allergic constitution with both inseparable. Aqueous hydrogen rich two-way regulation of the immune, immune balance reconstruction, thoroughly improve allergies, eczema, urticaria, allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma, food intolerances, allergies and other chronic colitis are significantly improved.


6, hydrogen-rich water weight loss


hydrogen-rich water can significantly promote human metabolism, there is a good weight loss, especially for the more overweight women. With the right amount of exercise and proper diet control, the effect will be even better.


7, of the hydrogen-rich water, hypertension-ameliorating effect


Electronic prime hydrogen contained in the hydrogen-rich water can be prevented from unsaturated fatty acids in combination with the active oxygen to generate lipid peroxides not saturated fatty acids, so that hypertension is improved. Hydrogen-rich water by reducing blood viscosity, improve vascular wall elasticity to regulate blood pressure. Insist on drinking hydrogen-rich water hypertensive patients can gradually reduce dependence on drugs within 3-6 months.


8, the effect of improving hydrogen-rich water of diabetes


Hydrogen molecular medicine studies in a large number of diabetes and its complications, hydrogen can be confirmed to improve insulin secretion, glucose and lipid metabolism regulator, lower blood sugar, while improving peripheral circulatory disturbance, diabetic retinopathy to alleviate, skin ulcers and other complications.


9, the effect of water on the hydrogen-rich gout, hyperuricemia

   The prevalence base

hyperuricemia is gout, treatment is the key "smooth uric acid lowering." Hydrogen-rich water can promote the purine metabolism,Decreased serum uric acid level. General drinking hydrogen-rich water about 3-6 months, blood levels of uric acid in patients with hyperuricemia will be significantly improved symptoms of gout attack or not.


10, the action of hydrogen-rich water for rheumatoid arthritis


Rheumatoid Arthritis hydrogen certain hydrogen-rich water is controlled systemic inflammation, enhance immunity to relieve the condition, improve health. Further small molecular hydrogen, permeability, synovial can penetrate into the joint cavity, clear the microcirculation, anti-inflammatory analgesic effect, solve problems such as rheumatoid arthritis; hydrogen rich water is the biggest advantages without any side effects, which It is currently the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis drugs can not solve the problem.


The above is something about the role of small series of hydrogen-rich water to introduce, we want to help Oh! If you want to learn more about home security. Id appreciate your attention to it!




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