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Sound beam runoff Saint-depth study two sides exchanged view

   15 years of precipitation and accumulation, production and research integration, channel development, campus BOT projects, branding and other aspects of outstanding performance, making the technology more and more holy water caused by the competent authorities in China drinking water industry, trade organizations, consumer attention and recognition - - 2016 among the top twenty strong Chinese water before hundred companies, China in 2017 among 10 companies specializing in water purification, every step of the holy water technology sectors grow, both in practice on a healthy Chinese dream road an important node.

   Today, China drinking water industry first publication, general manager of China drinking water all media to come to beam sound Technology is headquartered holy water, and fine Qiu Bin, chairman, executive vice president Xiao Jian Yang Dong Zhang Ping to help China clean water industry status quo and future in-depth exchanges.

   In a detailed understanding of holy water technology 15 years of development, operation situation, corporate culture and training system, the sound of water Miss Liang Shang Sheng Technology to be a high rating. "This is a real company with a conscience, a company with social responsibility of business." Miss Liang Shang tone indicates.

   The two sides also national standards, industry standards China drinking water industry, the future of the New Deal, the development trend launched an in-depth communication and discussion, and agreed that the drinking water industry "over the next many years, will be very attractive, potential and huge market space. "


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