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Water purification agents must-read books- -Franchising - yo

   "Why not try a franchise, your business is built on top of well-known brands such as McDonalds it?"

   This is a classic case, it could be a joke, because all joined McDonalds investment together may spend more than two million (and does not allow loans), and agent water purifier brand is another matter.

   water purification agents why in recent years continued to hit? Adding water purification agents of entrepreneurs who ultimately benefit from what is? Why water purification agents has more advantages and attractive than an independent business? This kind of problem, we in the "franchise - your career," a book to find the answer.

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   Author Mark Xi Bote (author and franchising consultant) gives an ultimate guide to how you use one of those successful business growth strategies tried and true - franchising.

   In the book, Xi Bote shared decades of experience, insights and practical advice to help entrepreneurs realize their Agent exponential profitability through the franchise model, while avoiding the pitfalls.

   attractive to prospective water purification agents into the causes of the franchise family, including ensuring that the cost of capital stops, enhance growth rate, access to incentive management, and significantly reduce the risk of several elements.

   Most prospective water purification agents had engaged in other industries, even had success in other areas. The main reason they join the water purification industry in addition to optimistic about the market, but also includes the franchise model allows them to not bear or not bear the debt risk in the case of the cost of equity for expansion.

   First, since the water purifier brand agency to provide all the funds needed to set up and operate a store, so it allows other companies use the companys resources to achieve growth. By using other peoples money, the concessionaire can not be bound by debt to a great extent.


   In addition, since the water purification agents brands (rather than the concessionaire) sign a lease and promised to sign various contracts, franchising actually does not assume any responsibility, thereby greatly reducing the concessionaire (ie, water purification agents) risk.

   This means that, as water purification agents, with the brands, you can use less money to realize their business purposes, and your risk is largely confined to invest when you enter the franchising industry funding - this amountUsually less than an independent business or other investments.

   join the ranks of water purification agents, you can get a better store management. Water purifier brands will usually treat its stores management very seriously - it tied to their overall performance, it is also associated with word of mouth reputation. Water purifier brands to ensure their proxy stores more clean and elegant, and through continuous send in elite marketing team to visit the store to ensure sales. Of water purification agents, there are still nothing more than a regular free expert help is much more effective?

   Due to the success of agents and water purifier brands at stake, so the brands are always looking for opportunities to improve their business.

   water purifier brands and agencies will closely together in terms of cost concerns - including labor costs, theft (employees and customers have) and any other items you can cut spending.

   franchise brands in addition to a large number of agents to join the implementation of training programs for agents to join all aspects of stores will be controlled. This control is like a hopeful parents like earnest desire. Acting on the water purifier brands, as long as the real worth entrusted brands, we will examine in advance motive agents in entrepreneurship, whether entrepreneurship is an important aspect. The degree of trust and love for the water industry also visit one of the criteria. Water purifier brands want to work with those agents franchisee has a firm belief, passionate.


   also should see, choose a franchisee, is subject to some constraints on business. But this constraint only promote proxy franchisee faster and better growth. When the water purification agents were included in a monitoring system, an agency franchise any easy road, the brands Cooperation will be to intervene to ensure that the agency will not join because the market is inexperienced and make the wrong business decision.

   a lot of research data shows that, in terms of income generation, water purifier brands performance is often better than the water purification agents, and the agents of all business as her own child. Chamber of Commerce franchise brand through their own actions to help agents consistently profitable. These results are significant complementary actions - usually growth rate of 10% to 30% between.

   Xi Bote mentioned in the book, he met every one to develop a truly innovative product entrepreneurs, are facing the same nightmare: peopleWe will beat them with their own ideas into the market. And these fears are often based on reality.

   For some water purification agents, the franchise may be the only way to ensure they dominate the market before their competitors occupy market space, because the franchise brands completed most of these tasks .

   Xi Bote also stressed: Agent must cooperate brands, maintain strict and even harsh in a series of franchise stores operating in the process, can be achieved together with the brands ultimate win-win strategy.

   In summary, to join the ranks of water purification agents, in product prices, policy support, market positioning, both compared to independent entrepreneurs have a unique advantage. In the capital cost control, employee incentive management, monitoring market brands also do it. Undoubtedly, water purification agent model allows partial funding conditions relatively well-off, market experience is still less than the entrepreneur step by step you can just break a success "Standing shoulders of giants" on the new business trip.

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