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Year-end inventory - 2019 Nian water treatmt industry t kewo


a time when the end of the year drew to a close, went to the stage and prospects of the summary, combing hair over a year to find news, there are some words that run through the water treatment industry development in 2019, including the quality, efficiency, state-owned assets ten to enter the sewage treatment fee increases, including the Yangtze River protection keyword list.

   Here, we follow Xiaobian take a look at 2019s top ten water treatment industry specific keywords what are now!

   sewage treatment quality and efficiency

   National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Housing and Urban Construction issued the "" Thirteen Five "national urban sewage treatment and recycling facilities construction plan," stressed that " thirteen five "period should be further overall planning, rational distribution, increase investment, to achieve the construction of urban sewage treatment facilities from" the scale of growth "to" quality and efficiency "changes.

   In May this year, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Ministry of Ecology Environment, Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the "urban sewage treatment raise the quality and efficiency three-year action plan (2019-2021 years)," national key areas and key sewage treatment basin are put forward higher requirements, the sewage treatment plant DiBiao efficiency become the focus of attention in the industry.



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   At the same time, to address the low level of urban sewage and garbage problem in central and western regions, in order to balance the region development, July 13, 2019, the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of ecology environment, Department of Housing and four ministries jointly issued "on further accelerating urban sewage and garbage Midwest related work," notice that all localities should co-ordinate planning for key areas and key weaknesses, accelerate padded short board. Three-year action plan to implement the urban wastewater treatment quality and efficiency (2019-2021) requires, to find out the real situation on the basis of speeding up sewage pipe network construction and transformation, promoting the quality and efficiency of sewage treatment. Urban sewage treatment plant influent biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) concentration of less than 100mg / L, to develop "one plant one policy" systematic improvement program around the pipe network and service patches comb construction and renovation projects. Sludge treatment and disposal work to do.

   quality and efficiency of urban sewage has fully come, localities have also introduced policies into action.

   State-owned major push into the

   This year, on the "countryBack into "sound louder and louder, water, environment projects in the prefix big orders to get soft, country-owned described as" menacing "(Details: November one hundred million water treatment project battle: private enterprises were crushing grind pressure! after the state-owned high-profile entrance, private way where is?)

   According to statistics, there are 128 central enterprises, involved in the ecological environment industry in central enterprises have 53, including in energy efficiency, China Everbright international, the Three Gorges Group, Gezhouba, in the car and so on, covering almost all segments of the environmental protection industry, which up wading, there are 28 central enterprises to carry out all types of water treatment business, including industrial waste water treatment, water stations distributed in rural and urban traditional treatment water.

   at present investors environmental Engineering has become the central rate of the infrastructure team, in addition to strong financial strength and strong financing capability, new entrants into the central enterprises or state-owned enterprises in municipal projects, engineering field has a natural . by analyzing the advantages of these buildings means central enterprises to enter the field of ecology and environmental protection, summed up in the following main ways: from technology to proceed, cut by the project, to clear the way borrowed capital, with the device open

   water treatment industry has been. "state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, foreign companies tripod pattern exists, under the PPP boom, private enterprises and state-owned enterprises" scenes "worse. outlet of the water treatment station of state-owned industry is more and more fancy, they have also called" big brother ", open green water onslaught of the road

   this year, wading private enterprises, the enlightened environment, the ring can be science and technology, clean water source, Oriental garden, Guozhen environmental Protection has hold hands with the State-owned (details click: ?. Guozhen environmental Protection third quarter slowdown this year, how those state-owned water companies hand of performance)

   in this regard, the environment clean Li Qilin president believes that this option is a combination of passive and active - passive is a private environmental listed companies generally faced a variety of challenges and problems; it is a private initiative to collaborate through mergers and acquisitions and other ways actively with the State-owned

   At the same time, through the formation of state-owned enterprises have begun to environmental groups. and other ways to consolidate its strengths, such as recently announced the establishment of the Jiangsu Provincial environmental Protection Group - after the seven state-owned shares, the establishment of their status or no shake (details click: Che-hung Group to be invested 1.56 billion linkage Yangtze River and other eco-friendly establishment Jiangsu Provincial environmental Protection Group! development road leading foreign trade in transition 818)

   sewage treatment fee increases

   sewage service charges, the government should be covered by the urban drainage and sewage disposal companies, by signing a government procurement of service contracts, paid to units to provide urban drainage and sewage services fees, general requirements services at reasonable costs and reasonable profit service units.

   With the improvement of effluent discharge standards, rising costs of sewage treatment, sewage treatment fee is difficult to meet the needs of higher standards; towns, rural delayed construction of sewage treatment facilities, sewage treatment and collection rate is not high, nor conducive to rural living environment improvement.

   According to current policy, the sewage discharged in different companies in the same area in different concentrations of pollutants, but the implementation is the same pricing policy, fees.

   sewage treatment fee remains unchanged and sewage services unit price not adjusted, will hit the sewage treatment enterprises enthusiasm, resulting in policy ground hard, sewage treatment "market" has dwindled, the establishment of resource and environmental price mechanism to be sewage treatment industry to break new direction impasse.

   In this regard, the first shares Director and General Manager Yang said in an interview with reporters: "Sewage treatment fee price increases come from several sources: cost price, labor, electricity and other price increases will bring rise, each franchise agreement where there will be a price increase mechanism; improve environmental standards will bring price increases, the sewage treatment plant effluent standard increased from two to one and then to B level a standards, and even in some areas class IV required to achieve surface water, surface water 鈪?class standards, this increase will bring the price increase. "

   in addition, in recent years, our country continues to deepen sewage treatment" market-oriented "reforms, to promote the sewage treatment project full implementation of the PPP model, the entire environmental protection industry has gone from crazy to take the project to carefully assess the benefits of project development, social capital for sewage treatment services unit price sensitivity continues to increase.

   2018, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the "Opinions on promoting green innovation and improve the development of the price mechanism" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinion"), to improve the sewage treatment fee policy made a comprehensive plan, proposed to speed up Construction of the price mechanism covering sewage treatment and sludge disposal costs and a reasonable profit, and promote the formation of the sewage treatment fee market, the progressive realization of basic urban sewage treatment fee to cover the cost of services. After

   policies, JiangsuSichuan, Anqing, Qinghai, Inner Mongolia and other provinces have issued "Implementation Opinions on innovation and promote green development and improvement of the price mechanism" in the policy framework proposed the implementation of the actual number of 943 comments according to the provinces.

   Yueyang, Dongguan, Henan, Guangzhou and other cities were raised sewage treatment fees, the policy will actively landing.

   Agricultural water standards

   in September 2018, the Ministry of Housing and the Ministry of environmental protection jointly issued "on accelerating the development of local sewage treatment discharge standards in rural areas," the first clear from the national level rural sewage treatment discharge requirements, called on all localities to speed up the development of local sewage treatment discharge standards in rural areas, the development is completed before the end of June 2019; has been released, it should be revised according to the new requirements.

   "notice" to define the scope of application of standards and a variety of control targets and emission limits, and require local accelerate the development of rural sewage treatment discharge standards, and the development of standards to local requirements put forward. We can say that this "notice" issued to open a new chapter in the establishment of rural sewage discharge standard system.

   provinces and municipalities have also responds to the policy, the development of rural sewage treatment facilities water pollutant discharge standards in line with the actual situation of their own.

   Yangtze protection

   2018, Xi Jinping, general secretary in-depth promote the development of the Yangtze River economic belt on the forum stressed: "adhere to the new concept of development, adhere to the general tone of the work while maintaining stability, adhere to a total of catch big protection, not to engage in development, strengthen reform and innovation, strategic co-ordination, planning guidance to promote the economic development of the Yangtze River economic belt of high-quality development. "

   as the most powerful eldest son of the Republic, to shoulder the responsibility and the Three Gorges Group responsibility, to become a total catch big backbone of the main Yangtze River protection.

   Three Gorges Group, as "Star Enterprise", in the Yangtze River to protect the opportunity to work with a number of government, the central enterprises and well-known environmental protection enterprises signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Since the total catch from participating in large protection Yangtze River, the Three Gorges Group, actively integrate into the Yangtze River economic belt along the Yangtze River economic belt provinces of green development, were arrested Yangtze River protection.

   in May 2018 set up the Yangtze River Three Gorges Group Environmental Protection Group, entered the field of environmental protection.

   strategic actions, the Three Gorges Group and provinces along the river, upstream and downstream industries of the central enterprises Group, the local stateEnterprises, listed companies, private and foreign-funded enterprises, scientific research institutions to enhance the exchange of learning, the formation of the Yangtze River ecological environmental protection industry alliance, bringing together planning and design, construction, operation and maintenance investment, finance, research, and consulting in the chain is committed to a total of more than 60 arrested great cause of protecting the leading enterprises have begun to play in a pilot project Chinese Communist grip force;

   and Che-hung Group to join the proposed establishment of Jiangsu Provincial environmental protection Group;

   and BEWG joint venture the establishment of the Three Gorges water Co., Ltd. Nanjing-controlled north, north-controlled Three Gorges water Investment Co., Ltd. Nanjing, the Yangtze River green development Fund management Limited;

   Science and technology Committee set up the Yangtze River environmental group, academician large coffee sits, sitting super think tank .

   Large-depth protection of the Yangtze advance!

   termination of the project

   influenced by factors such as financial difficulties and debt crisis, in 2019 more than ten sewage treatment projects active or passive termination. (Details: 2019 termination of these wastewater treatment projects, for different reasons!)

   terminate investment and construction units involved in the project include the Oriental garden, Tianxiang environment, CLP environmental protection, environmental protection sector Nachuan shares, etc. a listed company and China Railway Bureau, China Railway 16 Bureau of key enterprises. Although the reasons for the termination of these projects varied, but the main problem behind the lack of funds.

   only inspired environment, announced within two weeks to terminate three cases of PPP projects, including two wastewater treatment projects and an intravenous industrial park project.

   funding problem is not just as a party voted to build enterprises, PPP project in wastewater treatment has been stopped, the other case is party due to funding issues and other delays have promised construction conditions.

   There are industry experts said the case in 2019 and more environmentally friendly PPP project stopped, the market has expected. As the project to stop the situation is more common, it is bound to implicate environmental protection sector performance of listed companies.

   Waste Water discharge

   refers to a zero discharge of industrial water through repeated use, and this part of the salt content of waste water contaminants to a high concentration (99%) recycled, no waste liquid plant. Water, salts and contaminants discharged through the concentrated crystalline solid landfill waste disposal plant or plant feed which is recovered as a useful chemical raw material.

   withThe increasingly stringent national environmental policy, environmental protection departments at all levels have become increasingly wastewater discharge requirements, environmental impact assessment in many places also explicitly require wastewater to achieve zero emissions.

   concept of zero emissions initially in the United States in the 1970s because of the impact of river water quality industrial wastewater is imposed. Since then, such as Australias first zero discharge of industrial waste water project but also because of policy and enforcement. Thus, policy-oriented role for zero emissions is very prominent.

   "zero discharge waste water," the much discussed hot conferences, companies have also invested human material and financial resources to start R & D, but for coal-fired power plants and other industries zero discharge of wastewater, progress is still somewhat slow.

   The reason is that in the context of our current policy, and do not provide adequate protection for the strong zero discharge of industrial waste water, although this year introduced a national policy to encourage water-saving technology and other industrial water conservation official on the agenda, but did not specify zero discharge waste water; combined with low pricing of industrial water, sewage charges and is not a good surveillance system, power companies take the initiative to achieve zero emissions in fact far from adequate. In the absence of sufficient policy support, how as a business to achieve economic, optimal allocation of resources is the positive solution. The road to zero emissions waste water when it can be worth getting wider and wider attention!

   for the operation and maintenance of weight

   2019 as the environmental protection industry out of the first year after the "winter", environmental protection enterprises began to enter after the cold after reflection and return, and these include careful selection of projects, no longer blind "to break expansion of soil", but more emphasis on operational stock of the project.

   environmental engineering company due to problems of business models, with features Loaning and payment cycle is long, need to constantly open up new financing investment projects, in order to maintain high growth performance.


   in the credit crunch and deleveraging, price mechanism and gradually improve sewage treatment and other background, balance sheet over the last sacrifice in exchange for profitable growth model has been difficult to sustain, pre-financing by the impact of the larger part of the company It has regrouped good cash flow business. It has assets of profit stability, strong ability of self-hematopoietic environmental protection enterprises operating advantages will be highlighted.

   2019H1 water treatment segment revenue, profit was 15.88 billion yuan, 9.65 billion yuan, respectively, year on year growth rate of -6.7%, - 34.7% water sector PPP greater demand for capital, is still affected by the aftermath of deleveraging impact, slowing the progress of the project, rising financial costs, in addition to the background under tight credit accounts receivable and other receivables related to bad debt. Water little effect on the overall external environment, utilities just need to attribute strong, more robust performance of recent years, provide a stable cash flow by sitting on operating assets.

   with the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Ecology Environment jointly issued "on further promotion of environmental pollution control zone of a third party notice" issued, industrial water treatment professional operators to open markets further and further release market space, operators Blue Ocean companies also have more opportunities under the "tour" of.

   third-party management

   with the needs of economic development and environmental governance of the country, many provinces have proposed a "back into the city park," the industrial development strategy to increase industrial park group of companies focused on pollution control and treatment, water treatment systems and treatment services are from a single point source for the enterprise to the entire park, as well as the development of comprehensive utilization of water resources, with the expansion of the number and size of industrial parks and industrial wastewater treatment raise standards, the industrial park integrated water treatment business will have a huge market space.

   industrial parks centralized sewage treatment facilities is "Water 10" requirements, but also the future trend of industrial wastewater treatment. As of September 2018, 2411 and above the provincial level industrial park wastewater treatment facilities built rate of 97%. Since 2015, the state issued a series of policies to promote the industrial park wastewater treatment plant sewage treatment has become the main industry. Under policies to promote, whether the sewage treatment plant discharge standards is the key to the success of this strategy, the key is the 2020 industrial pollution discharge standards to effectively implement the plan.

   However, in recent years, Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Henan and other more industrial parks water pollution incident exposed the existing policy does not improve the sewage treatment process China Industrial Park, oversight and many other issues. Sewage treatment plant in the park if it can not play its due effect, would severely affect our industry to solve the sewage problem. This should bear the responsibility of pollution by sewage treatment plant anti-polluting problems.

   According to (Lishui) Institute of Greenpeace ecological environment in the United Nanjing University jointly issued the "China Industrial Wastewater Treatment Management Research Park," the report recommended that the provincial government should be through increased financial and tax incentives to encourageSocial Capital investment to improve sewage treatment and sewage treatment plant park charging mechanisms industrial park, to support the construction of sewage treatment facilities the park foundation to address the shortage of special funds for environmental issues. Implementation of third-party governance is imperative park environment pollution.

   This year, third-party environmental governance ushered in good news. First, April 13, the Ministry of Finance, Development and Reform Commission and the Department of Ecology Environment issued the "Notice on third-party engaged in pollution control corporate income tax policy issues," and proposed to meet the conditions of third-party enterprise engaged in pollution prevention and control rate of 15% tax rate corporate income tax, be encouraged third-party environmental pollution from taxation and financial policies. Then, on July 11, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Ecology Environment issued "on further promote the campus environment pollution third-party governance", which explicitly select a number of parks (including Economic and Technological Development Zone) third parties to further promote the environmental pollution control. Environmental pollution control third-party market fiery heat up, the official speed! Since


   Since September this year, Shenzhen Vanke Property Services Ltd won the bid 190 million yuan Shenzhen river water quality control science and technology projects, everyone for the word "cross" are tightened nerve, for which discussions are also prevalent.

   someone shouted to let Chinas environmental protection industry, or should have been calls for an open and inclusive attitude towards the "border-crosser."

   and whether we are open and inclusive, willing to accept "outsiders", or anxious, fear is the fact that a "fight for a job," we must admit that the rapid development of environmental protection industry has attracted a large number of outsiders , to acquire them, the establishment of a subsidiary of environmental protection, community projects, etc. to march reached into the environmental protection industry, led to a huge change in the industry.

   and a lot of big brothers who has proven himself with strength.

   in the water treatment industry this year as well as your mind what keywords?

   welcome comments speak your mind yo!

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