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Under high pressure water industry furthtmoil in the futu wi

   every industry will encounter in the course of development bottleneck stage, what the bottleneck is how to break through the bottleneck is a problem we need to think about. So, for the water industry, the past have experienced what, now what are the challenges faced by the water industry over the past few years the development process of review and sort out bottlenecks facing the stage, hoping to find the future development of the water industry direction.


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   2013-2015 (high-speed development, with the market chaos)

   water purifier in Chinas fast but the popularity of just a few years time, 2013 was a turning point in the water industry, water pollution incidents frequently, fog and haze continued, sparked fears for the health, water industry ushered in outreach opportunities, combined sales would popular, no doubt boost the rapid spread of the water industry. The PRC push the total data show that in 2013 the end of clean water to achieve explosive growth, retail sales grew 75.7%, but that time scale is still small, retail sales of less than billion. Followed by 2014, 2015, although there is no market growth continue to rise in 2013 on the basis of, but still maintained a rapid growth, in 2014 retail sales grew 64.7% in 2015, retail sales grew 46.1%, after 3 years the rapid development of water purification end of the scale in 2015, has been close to 23 billion yuan. 3 years of rapid development, accelerated the popularity of water purification products to enhance peoples awareness for water purification products, as well as some no-name pursue short-term profits, but also triggered a series of industry chaos, greatly hurt the industry, industry upgrade is imperative.

   2016-2017 years (upgrade, rational development)

   for water pollution as people panic weakening sales will gradually fade out and the popularity of water purification products continue to improve, 2016 start, water industry gradually return to rational growth, the PRC push the total data show that the end of the water purifier 2016 retail sales grew 21.3% in 2017 retail sales grew 18.3%, retail sales reached nearly 33 billion. Angel brand positioning results show, A.O. Smith rapid rise of the US high-end transformation, water companies began to rethink the direction of future development. Driven product upgrades and technical lead, and gradually get rid of the water industry price war quagmire, walkingRoad on high-end development, large flux, small, slim, low-waste and other emerging trends in sexual function. 2016, 2017 is also the end of the water purification companies to establish high-end brand image, rapid increases in the price of two years. PRC offline retail monthly monitoring data show, 2013-2015, an average price of 2,763 yuan terminal purification, 2016-2017 years up to the end of purification Median 3568 yuan, the average price increase of nearly 30%.

   2018 - Present (under high pressure, and then turmoil)

   2018, macroeconomic down, the housing market downturn, especially in existing homes market-style cliff fall, the water industry usher the first big test of the external environment changes, and with the popularity of a secondary market water purification products more and more, a few years ago outreach brought dividends are gradually subside, the water industry a new round of popularity propaganda imminent, especially for three or four markets and even county-level market. Under high pressure, more and more brands like millet choice a few years ago, like playing the role of spoiler on the line. After another brand to launch high with low-cost explosion models models, prices again and again to refresh the record low. United States, cuckoo, millet, rice cloud, Suning small BIU, Philips introduced a line after another 2,000 yuan 1,500 yuan, 1,000 yuan or even a large flux of pure water, aimed at younger people, or three or four markets. 2019 end of the water purifier market online open price war is inevitable. Compared to online and offline although prices have edge lower, but still focus on the high-end market, brands can basically reached a consensus to maintain the price line at the bottom line, to prevent price diving.

   future (win-win)

   entered a new stage of development, water purification industry needs to rethink how it should develop in the future, the price reduction can only solve the problem of the growth stage, in the long run, many questions remain, efforts should go towards the following aspects.

   1, upgrade (product features - Solutions): In recent years, water purification business mainly focused on the end product upgrades, but with the technical barriers between the end of the water purification product brands gradually broken, end water purification products and upgrades into the new bottleneck. Future upgrades should not be limited to the end of the function of water purification products, water users should be around the scene depth of excavation, to provide multi-scene, and more people, and more ways of mounting solutions.

  2, universal (secondary market - thirty-four and below market): the PRC is estimated that, as of the end of 2018, the end of clean water per hundred households reached 19.6 units, compared with developed countries, the penetration rate is still low the future popularity of larger space. In the current needs of people with cognitive decline on the background of water purification products, we require a new round of outreach to stimulate growth, especially for thirty-four and below market. Also, in addition to drinking water, to a lesser extent the popularity of other water life, the need to strengthen the whole house water purification and water scenes segments outreach.

   3, after-sales (for their own business - cooperation and win-win): water purifier brand is relatively fragmented industry, at present, only a few companies higher after-sales network coverage, can support a wider range of future product popularity. Most brand after-sales network covering problem areas uncoordinated future need to promote the industry service outlets open, the depth of integration depth of popular support industry.

   In short, the development of the industry needs all the water purification industry participants to work together to face the current bottleneck stage water industry, water purification industry should form a consensus and work together to promote the upgrading of products propelled by vertical transverse direction; outreach depth of 12 cities to 34 cities, and even county-level areas, and promote further the popularity of water purification products, low-cost high with cost-effective products online and through specialty stores or online platform can be used as the integration platform + line net the main way to the popularity of lower-level aquatic products market depth; after-sales service opening win, the third-party aftermarket brand aftermarket + integration open up to form a strong support for after-sales service network of water purification products popular.

   (Source: The PRC, invasion deleted)

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