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RO reverse osmosis water purifi market size to enhancwhat ci

   The past two years, as home appliances conform to health era became popular, the water purifier has been widely recognized by consumers. According to ZDC statistics show that by 2015, water purifier market rate of nearly 70% of rapid expansion. 2016 January to July, an increase of 21% over the same period last year the growth rate narrowed by 20 percentage points. 2016 annual retail sales of water purification equipment market grew about 25% market into distinct stages of adjustment. But this compared with other traditional industries such as refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines and hood, stove and other industries, the growth rate is still alarming.

   while in the water purifier market in order to RO reverse osmosis water purifier water machine as the representative of market size and market share has improved significantly, according to statistics show that, from January 2016 - October computing, an increase of 36.8%, and ultrafiltration membrane technology as the main water purifier market have seen a slight decline of 2.3% year on year. In other words, the degree of user enthusiasm for water purification product itself has not diminished, but the shift from traditional models of ultrafiltration to a higher security RO reverse osmosis water machine, just another data also illustrate this point.

   According to ZDC statistics show that in 2016 July, August and September, the water purifier market price of end users concerned about the trend has some high-end trend. 1,000 yuan product concern fell from 25.1 to 24.1%, 2001-3000 yuan attention also turned to higher-priced segment. 3001-5000 yuan attention up to 15.2%, more than 5,000 products in September, attention has been close to 10%, which proves once again that the higher technology costs of RO reverse osmosis water purification products more attractive.



   reverse osmosis water attracting much attention, this phenomenon is not just the water quality produced, but also with the current pace of life related. RO reverse osmosis water machine, represented more convenient to use, ready to drink the water use is more adapted to the current fast-paced life, but also to understand the concept of water users for correct back from the "pure water is not conducive to health," the misunderstanding, official has explicitly rejected the claim, drink clean and safe is fundamental.

   increasingly serious water pollution, enhance public awareness of healthy drinking water, water purifier market will continue to develop escort. However, due to the special nature of the product after-sales service, as a water purifier manufacturer, establish and improve the channels and after-sales service network, in order for the consumerThey are more at ease.

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