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Water purification market demand for intelligent diversifici

   Shanghai International Exhibition water as an industry benchmark level of water appliances event, which guide the direction and development trends of the water industry, water from this years Shanghai exhibition gives insight into a few major changes emerging water industry.

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   a change: Things to ordinary water purifier water purifier

   2017 Shanghai Water Show not have a water dispenser of things, there were only Yuelong computer technology demonstration of Things plates, to this year, things water purifier has become a mainstream trend.

   networking technology so that the water purifier functions upgrading, to achieve quality visualization for the core alert precise water recorded data of, online services fast, the remote control easy and so, on the one hand significantly improve the user experience, let the water purifier practicality to a higher level, on the other hand cloud platform enables manufacturers, distributors, operators can quickly and easily manage, collect big data, broaden the sales model water purifier.

   change II: hook, cabinet table machine to machine

   this year, the net benefits of a desktop machine hot drink, table machine are: 鈶?free installation, free water control, no sale and door installation then water, power and go for the office, living room, dining room, bedroom, convenient and save time; 鈶?heating system technology is mature and stable, the device is not easily damaged, and the temperature can be freely regulated; 鈶?set filter heating function in one province money the easy way.

   YueLong SCIENCE board computer IOT table WT1, WT2 out with water quality testing, for the core intelligent reminder, fault alerts, reminders, and other functions to change the water, instant hot drink, intelligent temperature control system is provided with a normal temperature, red milk, coffee, tea and four kinds of water to meet the different needs of drinking water, no thermostat, without waiting for a key water.

   change III: whole house water purifier, water softener cited concern about the

   past a family concerned about the health of drinking water, the need is a water purifier, now with the improving quality of life, for life water (bathe, wash, laundry) has also been requested, whole house water purification began to receive the attention of consumers, Midea, Haier, Angel, ho Chak, cloud-meter and so launched a whole house water purification concept.

   brands also launched water softener, the water softener removes calcium and magnesium ions, high oxygen content, low hardness, can effectively prevent stones, reduce heart, kidney burden, wholesome; soft water bath, shampoo, wash your face, smooth and delicate skin of infants and young children, especially with PaulProtective effect; washing clothes clean soft, fluffy, bright. With the rapid rise of the middle class, the pursuit of high quality of life, water softener market outlook is very favorable.

   Under the impetus of outstanding brand, water purifier market has entered a "smart things" era, the face of change, all the manufacturers are starting from scratch, the same starting point, who will come to change quickly accounted for initiative, Zhengzhou Yuelong electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is the first board to the computer hardware and software integration of the things manufacturers to provide software and hardware development of things, cloud platform to build, design one-stop service business model.

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