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SAIC challenge the water purifier Taobao obuy -genuine-

  Potential buyers to buy the real thing, this is the wish of every consumer. However, we can not hope to achieve. On the market today, the network appeared on a lot of fakes, fakes are so many people a headache. Recently, consumers frequently been criticized Taobao has been SAICs "strong words." Take a look at how it was. 宸ュ晢鎬诲眬鍙澘娣樺疂 閫夊噣姘村櫒杩橀渶璋ㄦ厧涓嬪崟

   Recently, the General Administration for Industry and Commerce issued the White Paper pointed out that there are five major outstanding issues Ali online trading platform, evils to suffer. Taobao responded that SAIC Director Liu Hongliang regulatory procedures misconduct, emotional enforcement bureau has a formal complaint. Ma said Taobao fakes are not caused, but Taobao is destined to bear grievances and responsibility.

   For this event, the author of this no intention to talk about right and wrong. I just got a revelation through this thing, and that is to make products or to do the real thing, do high-quality products, in order to foothold in the market, and is recognized by the public. Although fakes can temporarily deceive the public, but after all, difficult long-term based.

   In recent years, water pollution intensified, but also directly gave birth to the hot water purifier market. With a large number of water purification products, represented by the emergence of new markets. According to statistics, today the market has more than 4500 water purifier business, the emergence of many brands of water purifier market brand makes quite a mixed bag, which contains a lot of fakes. Fakes appear greatly hindered the development of the industry, a lot of people buy fake water purifiers, over time, it is on the water purifier products are no longer dare to believe. Because a small portion of fake brand impede the orderly development of the industry, really regrettable.

   for the water purifier business, only to create good quality in order to have a good reputation. You know, the sales and profits of any commodity are based on good quality-based. Fortunately, today there are in the market to clear as spring water purifiers top ten brands on behalf of these brands accounted for a major share of the market, making fake water purifier market space further contraction.

   clear spring has been calling for the industry to join hands with the public sewage purification efforts, we believe that with the concerted efforts of these brands, the future market will be gradual and orderly development of water purification.

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