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Water purifier wintprecautions

   found that water ice or ice water purifier need to unplug the power supply water purifier, a small ball and turn off the water, to prevent freezing frozen because filters and other parts, resulting in water after freeze thawing. A day out home is empty and before going to sleep at night, especially to be noted unplug water purifier on and off, to prevent the freezing temperatures at night to reduce damage to machines and serious leakage.


   First, before the freeze did not melt completely not start unplugged the machine, otherwise it will create:

   1, the booster pump motor icing stuck, causing the computer version of the booster pump and a transformer burned;

   2, the water booster pump wear rubber nuggets have lead to loss or loss of pressure booster pump self-priming capability;

   3, the RO membranes resulting in scratches nuggets RO membrane desalination rate decreases, TDS values 鈥嬧€媔ncreased.

   Second, the ice water purifier typical fault:

   1, the booster pump ice stuck, a short-circuit or overload protection activates the transformer, the performance of the computer board flashed after lights off out, repeatedly flashing or computer board;

   2, severe leakage;

   3, RO membrane removal rate decreased.

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