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There are micro-assessment material Shu 11th Shanghai Intnat

   Last week, world-renowned 11th Shanghai International Water Exhibition held shock! Water purification industry "big brother" on the same stage debut, fancy, Haier, Midea, Angel, clean water source, cloud-meter science and technology, ...... who you pick it?

   Exhibition Overview:

   2018 11th Shanghai International Water Exhibition held a grand

   May 31 - 6 2 April, 11th Shanghai International Water Exhibition Shanda held at the Shanghai international Exhibition Center. As Chinas largest water exhibition, Shanghai International Exhibition covers water treatment areas include all aspects of water and wastewater, is leading the global water industry exhibition platform direction, and gradually become a benchmark international water industry in the 21st century, as the worlds most influential the largest professional water treatment exhibition, has won the industry reputation. Details



   micro-assessment: This three-day top international water treatment exhibition, brings together the worlds more than 3400 exhibitors, 68,000 exhibits, has attracted 12 thousand professional visitors, do not say that is not a high-tech water treatment feast.

   brand exhibitors News:


   During this exhibition, Haier released a heavy wisdom of the times was the scene for networking solutions for drinking water, the first to open the a better life X.0 era of personalized user experience. Details



   micro-assessment:? In the "Industrial X.0" a book, the famous economist Eric Michael Schiffer believes that the era of things users want is not the product itself, but by bringing the product of service programs. Haier is through to meet the demand for high-end user experience, leading the entire industry to accelerate the transition to a higher level.

   United States:

   Show opening day, the United States not only to bring many new strong participation, but were held two "US intelligence water of life" series of new strategic conference during the exhibition, detonated release live sensation, and attracted great attention and Lively industry. Details



   micro-assessment: It is reported that, in order to more deeply, vividly the "wisdom of water of life" philosophy of life and the four water three new series of water appliances and communicated to the industry consumer, the United States also invited to todays most popular Leroy generation idol - Zhuzheng Ting, Huang Minghao, Bi Wen Jun, DingzeJen, Kwon Chul Lee, Huang Xinchun came to the scene, where the screams?


   as a net water industry leading brands, Angel bring a new generation of whole house water purification system stunning debut. This time, in addition to the technological upgrading of the core products, more consumer demand for water was more comprehensive consideration, return the product to make further usage scenarios for users have different needs in terms of drinking water, raised more targeted all-weather, the whole scene, high-performance solution, the perfect response to various situations that may arise in different units in real life, the moment to create a comfortable living water with the power of technology. Details



   micro-assessment: full house custom fiery situation, Angel whole house water purification system will undoubtedly lead to a net water industry, another subversive "revolution."


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