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Water E. coli detection method


   Water E. coli detection methods are there? There are also a lot of friends recently asked this question, then the E. coli exceeded in the end what harm it? Following small to the specific introduction.


material life far can not satisfy people now in society, and our quality of life is the issue of most concern, and we are closely related to tap water contains E. coli, which is worthy of us to explore, since tap water contain E. coli, it was safe to drink tap water how? Is not to buy a home water purifier a little better, the same tap E. coli detection methods, what does? Below said lower hazards.


E. coli excessive harm:


1, coliform bacteria are widely distributed, widespread in warm-blooded animals and fecal nature. Research shows that the presence of coliform bacteria in warm-blooded animals and more feces, often human activities and places where there is fecal contamination, human, animal fecal contamination of the external environment is the main reason for the presence of coliform bacteria in nature. Feces and more typical E. coli based, and the external environment in places other type of coliform bacteria do more.


2, coliform bacteria as indicators of fecal contamination put forward, mainly in detection of the bacteria to indicate whether fecal contamination in food. The level of the number of coliform bacteria, indicating the extent of fecal contamination, but also reflects the magnitude of the dangers to human health. Intestinal fecal human excreta, including healthy human waste, but also the stool of patients or carriers of the intestinal tract, so in addition to general feces within normal bacteria, but also the presence of some intestinal bacteria (such as Salmonella, Shigella s monocytogenes), and thus there is fecal contamination in food, it can be speculated that the food there is the possibility of contamination of enteric pathogens, lurking threat of food poisoning and epidemics, it must be seen as potentially hazardous to human health .


3, if the food far exceeded the total number of colonies, indicating that the health situation of their products reach the basic health requirements, will destroy the nutritional content of food, accelerate food spoilage, loss of food value of the food. Consumers eating microbes than the standard of food, it is easy to suffer from dysentery and other intestinal diseases, can cause vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms, endanger human health and safety. The coliforms, can also cause diarrhea, stomach infections.


The E. coli is small series of excessive harmful to the human body viaShao, drinking more families to do in small knowledge of this site, please pay attention to this site other sections.




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