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So, this is a water purifier evolved step by sp


"Compendium of Materia Medica" goes: "medicine as tonic, Sibu as water fill." Shows the importance of water to human health. But in order to drink healthy water, have occurred four times in the history of the Revolution of drinking water, this is a persistent battle for survival and health.



First: well water revolution


well, marking the first human drinking water revolution, the transition from water to rivers and lakes drilling wells for water, human drinking water is no longer totally dependent on rivers and lakes, has opened up a new way of drinking water - well water.


In ancient times, when playing well in southern China, will be covered in a layer of stone wall and bottom, then fill in the dense bamboo, stone and then lined with a layer of charcoal water purification, which fully It reflects the great wisdom of our ancestors.



Second: water revolution


before the nineteenth century, the industrial age has brought pollution, cholera, typhoid, the plague claimed the lives of millions.


of the nineteenth century, the United Kingdom for the first time found that chlorine used to sterilize water; the early twentieth century, Belgium first use of chlorine disinfection of water, whereby water gaining popularity.



Third: Bottled water revolution


industrial modernization exacerbated the aging water pollution, conventional water treatment processes and water pipelines, resulting in water implicit in dozens of carcinogens and pathogenic micro-organisms, relatively clean bottled water came into being.



Fourth: drinking water revolution


During use, people gradually found bottled water are also security risks, such as bladder become a breeding ground for bacteria , as well as stagnant water, thousands of boiling water and other issues is not conducive to good health. Water purification system comes precision drinking water equipment turned out, which is representative of various types of water purification products.



was founded in 2007 Han Yue water purification equipment has been committed to R & D, manufacturing, sales and service, its products cover the household, commercial, and other project type series. More than a decade, Han Yue virtue of excellent product quality and innovative water purification technology, won the favor of consumers, many years to become a water purifier brand.


In addition, starting this month, the Korean music brand strategy to upgrade the system, the whole society to spread the values 鈥嬧€媜f healthy drinking water, hope everyone can drink clean water!

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