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Patio hand in Bruce Royal together on -pure fuilife.-

  The quality of

   environment is directly related to peoples quality of life and physical and mental health. In recent years, some local air quality degradation, water contamination, a direct impact on peoples daily lives and health. With the improvement of living standards, people on the quality of the environment and healthy living getting higher and higher, there is an urgent need for a healthy environment and breathing water environment, water purifiers and air purifiers such health-based appliances came into being, the pursuit of quality of life for most healthy users choice.


   Water pollution has become a serious hazard threat to the health of city dwellers, with the upgrading of consumption and upgrade public health awareness, water purifiers gradually become urban residents to enhance healthy living at home must-have item.

   In order to protect drinking water and the respiratory health of more families, May 15, Qin Yuan Group to join the Swedish Royal Bruce air purifier brand, to jointly open the "pure fun in life" Jingdong joint activities, pure life proposed new scheme. During the event, Bruce Royal Patio joint offer to consumers early summer warmth benefits: big straight down 800 yuan, to enjoy non-stop explosion models spike. In which air purifier 260i and Patio water purifier with beluga whales can buy straight down 800 yuan, and Hao Li limited edition gift!

   Patio and Bruce Royal Jingdong joint activities not only provide consumers with a clean and healthy water environment and breathing environment for good water air accompany every consumer good healthy life, but also from a small life details of the escort for a healthy life, so that fresh air and clean water carries good healthy growth of their families, and consumers together addressed to the "net" pure future.

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