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Xianyang Municipal Party Committee Orgization Department of

   March 8, accompanied by Zhang Qian County Deputy Magistrate full pool, Deputy Minister of Xianyang City Committee Organization Department, City Secretary for Human Resources and Social Bureau Wang Min, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Yuan Guangyu, director of the Department of Labor and Employment City Zhengjian Hu and his party visit ho Chak (Shaanxi) plant research poor industry-ho-taek level associated with locally to absorb labor force related work, the Secretary dry county people club Bureau Ran Xin, deputy director Gao Jian Feng, County poverty Alleviation Office responsible person, etc. together research, by the Shaanxi factory the person in charge of hospitality. After listening to the relevant research group reporting on the poor households to absorb accurate employment and actively participate in social poverty alleviation work of the company, spoke highly of and recognition. In the subsequent meeting of the forum, the research group and some of the staff representatives made a mutual exchange, asked in detail about the work of the income of employees, etc., and encourage employees to cherish the company to give a platform to learn, good work.



   forum, deputy governor Zhang Hao Ze full pool on a plan to help poverty-stricken village to help the villagers to get rich out of poverty until the relevant planning to do a brief introduction to the research group, and I did communicate with Hao Ze high-level details.


   Ho Chak senior, said: make full use of corporate resources to maximize contribute to the community, it has been a ho-taek adhere to the same approach.

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