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Simple three measures identify thauenticity of imported wate

   As the water purifier profit objective, and lower barriers to entry, water purifier market is currently separatist warlords, brand and more dazzling, in this one, there are plenty of unscrupulous manufacturers by purchasing a water purifier parts, then self-assembly, and then posing as foreign brands, sold at high prices in the market and reap huge profits, it is very hateful.


   In fact, the quality of domestic water purifier is not bad, some high-end water purifier can and the big foreign brand water purifier brand comparable. But people have a kind of capitulation from a foreign idea that the quality of imported just fine, so there are still a lot of consumers to buy imported water purifier. But if you are determined to buy foreign brands, as a professional service platform for domestic water purifier water experts remind us, we must keep their eyes open, carefully identify the authenticity of imported water purifier.


   today provides an easy way to identify the authenticity of imported water purifier three strategies:

   first, first to identify imported water purifier brands official website to query, to determine their authenticity.

   Second, the purchase of imported water purifier, may require businesses to issue a customs import declaration, if the business or tried to evade irrelevant answers, it is most likely fake, even if the list provided, but also a closer look indicated on the declaration of imported water purifier is the whole or parts imports.

   Third, if it is true foreign water purifier brand, certainly has its stores, sales outlets can be queried via Google map location, if you simply can not find that this so-called import water purifier brand really need to weigh up.

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