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News Week Inventory- China Water Purifier Network Ten hot ne

   concerned about water purification industry trends, inventory Weekly News. Review last week, health care for the elderly deepwater Heiner bring drinking water purifier debut Shenzhen International Expo on Aging; Haier Strauss water purifier in one machine cost is high, and so on industry events one after another. Below, China water purifier small plait ( takes you review last week (8.21-8.27) water purifiers top ten hot news.

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   health care for the elderly deepwater Heiner bring drinking water purifier debut Shenzhen International Expo on Aging

   August 25, the second session of the old Bo will be held the launching ceremony, the exhibition adhering to the "government-led, community-led, market participants, professional operation, universal access," the Office will be thinking mode and do the "cause of aging as the core, aging industry is the driving force", focused on the elderly personalized, diversified social needs. Healthy drinking water can prevent many age-related diseases, conducive to the maintenance of various tissues and organs function good for your health and longevity. [Click for more]

   Strauss Haier water purifier in one machine cost is high

   now water pollution is getting worse, even if there will be some contamination of tap water . Many people think that the family will be able to boil tap water for drinking, it is possible to achieve the effect of anti-virus sterilization, it is not true, there are also secondary pollution of water, people know this, come up with a variety of tactics to deal with. A long time ago, I bought a beautiful purify drinking fountains, the machine is a bucket above the middle filter, filter tap water in the bucket down into the lower, the lower is the fountain, there is cold water and electrically heated water for drinking, however, only suitable for families for drinking, water is not suitable for home use, you need to manually add water, replace the filter every year. [Click for more]

   Georgia and the US water purifier on the one hand with one hand and quality after-sales

   Products Customer Service is a process that is at the right time, the right situation, the right price, the right the right way to provide customers the right products and services that enable customers needs are met, value has been active process improvement. Modern enterprise competition has not only product quality competition, but competition is customer service. Haier has become a respected brand, not just because it has good quality products, but more importantly, it has "all user-centric" service concept, doTo allow users the most satisfied with the service. [Click for more]

   Select Patio home water purifier fresh water without waiting for the

   Qinyuan water purifier is one of the most well-known brand of water purification industry, it is limited Patio the companys brand, the comprehensive solution for drinking water as a future direction for the development of water purification industry has made important contributions, here we take a look at how a specific kind of water purifier Patio, Patio net water is the price situation is kind of how. Is a national pilot innovative enterprises and national IPR demonstration enterprises. [Click for more]

   Haner Dun lead the high-end home water purifier water purifier era

   high-end home water purification refers to the use of high-quality water purifier to enjoy the health and safety of quality of life, and It does not refer to the use of high price of the device. Pointed out that with the industrial design, the process of accelerating urbanization, increasing energy demand, especially in the rigidity of "a comprehensive energy reduction program of work," reports the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Environmental Protection "Thirteen Five" "Outline" and "" Thirteen Five, the resources and environmental problems is still a bottleneck restricting Chinas economic and social development, energy conservation situation is still severe, the task is arduous. So for the manufacturing sector put forward higher requirements on energy-saving and environmental protection. [Click for more]

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