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Water purifier filtcan not tell the quality of life of confu

   and burgeoning markets, water purifier has gradually become one of the essential appliances in peoples lives. However, the water purifier is not particularly durable consumer goods. Many consumers found after the purchase, water purifier also need to replace the filter. The market may face a standard cartridge filter life blur, many consumers have felt helpless.


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   filter life can not tell

   Recently, the reporter found that in the provincial capital water purifier market survey, in most cases, only appliance stores and supermarkets introduce water purifier type and model. For some argument as the most central parts water purifier filter rarely be interpreted, if any, tend to be slightly exaggerated.

   at appliance stores a provincial capital in Yifen Street, when you see the reporters tried to buy a water purifier, surnamed Wang, the sales staff immediately came to reporters from the type of water purifier to and explains how to Taiyuan poor water quality, and immediately after boasting for a long time the water purifier brand quality is how good. It can be said for a long time, to filter water purifier mention.

   When a reporter asked how the brand filters, how life? The sales staff claimed that these cartridges are imported equipment, are also marked in Korean life is also at least one year. But reporters look at the brand of cartridge, marked above PP cotton filter life only six months. See himself said some contradictory, the sales staff immediately said, in fact marked the life of the filter is an understatement, and now the entire appliance store in sales of used drinking water are themselves this water purification is out, have used a year and a half, there is no difference with bottled pure water.

   survey reporter also noted that the entire water purifier market in the provincial capital, more well-known home appliance store brand water purifier filter cartridge generally marked with life, there is time to replace the indicated time, there filter replacement time is calculated according to the cumulative flow. But for more small filter water purifier brand on the market is concerned, most of them or not marked the life of the filter.

   filter replacement standards are not uniform

   Reporters found in the survey interview, although merchants set out the life standard of the water purifier filter: activated carbon filter replacement period is six months, PP cotton filter replacement period of 3-6 months, quartz sand filter replacement cycle of 1-2 years, ceramicsFilter replacement cycle of six months to a year, softening filter replacement period is six months, hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane filter replacement period is 3 years, reverse osmosis membrane replacement period of three years and so on, but these are mostly just a vague conceptualization standards.

   Interview, many consumers have indicated different water quality around the country, peoples frequency of use is not the same, exactly how to calculate the filter usage time, the volume of water filtered how should grasp all this is very difficult to judge.

   In this regard, the brand water purifier staff also gives a different answer.

   United States sales staff said that consumers buy water purifier later, the United States will combine the purchase date and the service life of the filter to identify, follow up call to remind consumers to replace the filter. For consumers using different frequencies, different differences in water quality concerns, the US side said that the sale, if frequency is low, the water quality better place to replace the filter life can also be marked appropriately postponed. According to what exactly the delay to replace the standard, the United States did not give a clear answer. Patio of after-sales staff, said consumers need to replace the filter yourself to master the seat of your pants, a small amount of water it shows that the replacement. As to what extent, but that is not clear. Angel said side sale, if not completely water outlet, it shows that the replacement of the filter cartridge. Reporter then interviewed several other water purification and distribution customer service staff, the answer is basically the same.

   Ms. Cui consumers of such very unsatisfactory answer, she believes, is different for each household water consumption, manufacturers once every six months to the door, too early or too late to replace the filter, are not suitable, and the final say by the manufacturer, the consumer is still difficult to self-consumption.


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   difficult to set a standard filter replacement

   Reporters by Baidu search for "water purifier filter replacement", the results statistics show that 157 million consumers for filter replacement It produced a doubt. During the interview, many consumers thought that buying a water purifier after the daily drinking water safer, but to use to replace the filter in the process, but just know that security short time.

   Current Multi-mounted water purification products 2-6 ranging filter, with different water purification filters and not once. "But how best to replace the cartridge life is, its hard to measure, and water purification plantFamily do not want to pay more attention. "Provincial appliance repair industry associations, an official said.

   In fact, in June of this year, the Ministry of Health had imported a small portion of water purifiers for sampling. The results showed that, including 3M, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, including 8, 11 models substandard product quality. reporters also learned from the quality supervision department, regulatory supervision of sampling water purifier, mainly concentrated in the domestic big brands which found various types of activated carbon filter products high failure rate, the reason include total dissolved solids, aluminum, arsenic and other indicators of immersion experiment failed.

   In this regard, experts also pointed out a number of water purification equipment, water purifiers filter life just for certain parts of the water as the standard, which certainly can not be suitable for the country as to the water quality standard for the south, to the north will lack some; if the North as a reference to water quality, water quality and that the South will be some Guo, which in itself there is a missing the standard.

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