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Shenzhen water purifier manufacturs, it is actually t best

   For the majority of venture capitalists, the water industry is indeed a good choice. First of all, we have a huge market in the future will gradually spread to every family; secondly, water purifier market today there are gaps in our four-tier cities and even in some places still blank. Then the water purifier manufacturers joined Which is better? Listen to the advice of experts.



   A lot of people are interested in water purification project, but do not know the price of joining agent. I engaged in the water industry, though not long, but also have some experience, you may wish to share with friends. In general, in water purification county agent about 50,000, do municipal agency about 100,000. Of course, the size of the brand at different prices will vary.

   Second, in water purification project profitable large, generally from the manufacturers delivery will give the agency price (lowest price). Such as by 600 delivery, to 1500 yuan sold to the market operator, the profit of $ 900 a month to sell 20, then earn 900 * 20 = 18,000 yuan. As long as agents willing to endure hardship, we continue to learn, even if you have no experience, but also do a good job. But the key is that you are willing to work hard to learn.

   Proxy water purifiers project, as long as selecting the right brand, 100,000 in exchange for 1 million is not an empty word. If a dealer can sell 30 units a month purifier, a month income of over 30,000 yuan, the fully earn 1 million a year. Although very few such examples, but maybe you can become such a person do? Even if you can not earn one million years, but as long as you put your heart to do, you can be sure of not earn 500,000.

   As far as I know, Shenzhen, add fresh water purifier manufacturers is a good choice. First, add fresh water brand in Shenzhen City water purifiers top ten brands, the agent fresh water plus a large number of brand audience; secondly, joined the agency added fresh water, 0 initial fee, the amount you can just pick up the first batch; and finally, fresh water is added investment eight major support policy, 50% support, true to the largest agents concessions.

   water purifier manufacturers joined Which is better? If you are interested in water purification project, you are welcome to understand fresh water added.

   This link: HTTP:. // ohh water purifier investment .com / show-13-1979.HTML

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