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Water purification industry is becoming more diverse sales c

   In recent years, with the growing popularity of water purification products, water purification market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. The water purifier business in order to achieve dominance in competitors, are actively explore new marketing model, plus driven by the Internet, the water purification industry sales channels increasingly diversified. Then the status of the water purifier channel now is how it

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   store operators:? Strong dependence of the high cost

   In recent years, water purifier sales channels concentrated in the store , has a strength and reputation of the brand water purifier enterprises to accelerate the speed stationed in large stores. Insiders believe that: brand water purifier brand stores choose to open in the store, on the one hand to take advantage of the powerful appeal of the store to create their own brand influence; on the other hand takes into account the store environment, marketing and service system, etc. easy-to-business operations. But with store rents rising, stores continue to shop, raw materials, logistics costs are growing. Rise, bringing the high cost of water purification industry sources. In the relationship between water purifier and stores, companies can not help but have several dependent helpless.

   operated stores: economic, labor costs increased

   In recent years, the focus of a growing number of water purifier business development on the independent store operation and management. A water purifier brand chairman, said: "First, improve service standards store platform, and second constrained bad behavior of the store through a unified price system through a unified quality assurance system, unified standards of service, as well as public common concern. , supervision, and this is what we want to build the store model. "

   in fact, opportunities and adjustment mode operated stores exist, like a double-edged sword development operated stores, the economic channel operated stores , labor costs will become an important factor test for enterprise development. Todays society, a need to store labor costs are also increasing. Also, training is also an important investment in every store support costs. The number of unit cost is high, the cost becomes higher unit sales, the channel seems to be a vicious circle.

   electricity supplier channels: a mixed blessing

   many companies began to test the water purifiers water and electricity supplier channels, but currently no one has worked out methods and a model for development. Online sales of water purifiers too difficult, first of all, the product itself, the cost of product price differences do very heavy online and offline, even want to open up the online product specifically for the product lifeProduction line, post-marketing mode, logistics, warehousing, the risk is very large. Second, the price of existing products to get online sales, online price system under the hard-line operation.

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