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Rural well water pollution treatment


   In most rural areas using well water as a source of drinking water, once the pollution, the consequences can be more serious. So, what water pollution treatment in rural wells is it?




home well water is mixed with water pollution me how to deal with! Xiao Bian recently received friends for help, in order to answer this question, small household drinking water safety query asking small knowledge base , I hope the next answer can help to you.


deal with the problem of water pollution is very well complex, to take appropriate measures depending on the type of pollutants purification.


If the water is poured into the wells need to be completely drained well water to be drained water level recovery again repeated (and may even be more than ten times) the water will clean traditional large wells can be pumped in water dry down to clean up after people need to pay attention to safety must be before the next person two hours to process the ventilation duct work is completed in full using blowers and pass to the bottom of and attention to the danger of landslides if it is possible groundwater contamination as a whole it can only discard this well find another source of water (for safety should be well fill) or continue to dig deep into the deeper aquifer below uncontaminated because of shallow groundwater pollution at least to the number of years to basically eliminate deep to tens of thousands of years.


how well water purification? According to well water situation in different places, such as fluorine-containing groundwater generally Loess Plateau is too high, generally calcium groundwater Karst topography is too high (commonly known as NOx), and some ground water containing iron and manganese is too high, local conditions vary greatly, well water purification process in very different ways. In short treatment must be targeted, water quality testing should be carried out beforehand, then targeted purification treatment based on test results. Currently these treatments are relatively mature. In addition to the above outer remove excessive water minerals, usually also of well water turbidity purification, home water purifier is a good choice, the choice of which the physical filtration, the choice of primary filter sand filtration tank, a filter may be selected intermediate PP cotton core , ceramic core filter, filter a deeper choice of ultrafiltration hollow filter, accuracy up to 0.01UM, bacteria and viruses can be filtered out.


Through the above description, you are sure to have well water safety knowledge to understand it. If you want to know more small drinking water safety knowledge, we pay more attention to stop it.




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