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  Three months later I learned that with a water purifier then you have to buy the publishing site: Published: 2019-01-14 regarding water purifier, in fact, we are planning in the decoration of the time, it should be considered to be in the end Do not install, if you want to install a water purifier, it is generally more beautiful decorative way is installed under the sink, then we need another arrangement of a socket under the sink; and if the latter refillable water purifier, it may only be installed in tank top, this will affect the appearance. Digress, back to the topic. So this issue we have to discuss is whether or not to install home water purifier problem, some people feel no need to look clean runoff water out of it; but it was also recommended that you install, you do not install, we have the following to explore in detail the next. First, the city water in the end usually used in negative net? Urban water are water reservoirs, rivers and so on, these sources need to go through the water purification plant, and then transported to various families, the purification process includes: sedimentation, filtration, adsorption, disinfection. Not to mention the water plant will have a lot of impurities or bacteria, one on the last one, we all know that the water inside the water pipe are all chlorine. In addition, we look at water transport channels, water plant pipes are not-for many years, but not to clean water, a long time since these pipes will accumulate some impurities and bacteria; now there are a lot of old old cell, still using metal pipes, metal pipes, which in fact already rusty, it may be some rust particles in the water in their own homes. Therefore, even if the water plant out of the water is clean, through these transport channels, after the household, there would exist a variety of hidden problems. We look at water plant, although it is relatively strict environmental protection tube, but there are still a lot of water suffered a certain degree of pollution, and that some of these heavy metals and other pollutants, water plant is not difficult to remove and clean. So waterworks water inside, there may be some contamination. Second, the home water polluting performance usually when we use water might not notice anything, but if not a long time, in a sudden turn on the tap, this time the muddy water flowing out of the comparison, which shows you home tap water has suffered some contaminated. Third, the need to buy water purification by the above point of view, substantiallyMany of the citys water supply will suffer some degree of pollution, when we look at water purifier, businesses will probably say more serious, but not without reason. The different levels of the filter, the water purifier can be divided into multi-stage water purifier, such as the five filter purifier Walter, there pp cotton, granular activated carbon, scale filter, ultrafiltration, activated carbon post five filter cartridges. Finally out of the water purification, to achieve a higher level of health, your family against water pollution large particles of impurities, heavy metal ions. water purifier filter replacement frequency, ranging from three months to more than three years, some families may have to spend three months in the water purifier, replace the filter in time, we can clearly see some of the filters out impurities, this time, you may find a water purifier installed a comparison value. Fourth, we should be how to choose the right water purifier it? 1, to see if it is the use to drink straight, then you need to consider five water purifier filter As mentioned above, such water purifier, out of the purified water to drink. If you usually cook at home drinking water, are used to boil the drink, you can buy a simple pre-filter, water fast, at least through a simple filtration, water is more healthy. 2, depending on the selected spatial reverse osmosis water purification generally used in the kitchen, ultrafiltration machine; central water purifier is generally used the bathroom, water softener; living generally used drink straight. Of course, the above should be based on your own home budget, if the budget is relatively small, only spare kitchen on the line. 3, see the brand brand is quite critical, but, water purifier cartridge needs to be replaced regularly, maybe a small brand with a couple of years, this brand is gone, time to replace the filter is a troublesome thing. Of course, some families will take into account the issue of the budget, after all, not just to buy water purifiers, and late replacement cartridges also need to spend a lot of money, we decorated the time, it is recommended to stay below a sink water filter outlet, under the kitchen type water purifier covert, looks more beautiful number, perhaps when your family budget a little plenty of time, and then consider installing. In fact, for most families, the water purifier is quite necessary. We all need to drink plenty of water every day, and the water quality, also affect our health, conditions permitting, it is recommended that you install the water purifier.

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