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   2018, clear spring water purifier share upgrade mode for the first time supporting business operations off the open prairie

   - April 9, Hunan Zhangjiajie, "model sharing, cooperation and win-win" supporting business operations officially started! and on April 10 with the spring clean traveled Zhangjiajie partners get together and enjoy the beauty of mountains and rivers all over!

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   clear mountain spring water purifier wish every success in sharing a prairie fire of Zhangjiajie in Hunan action! [123 ]

   water purification industry as a rising star in home appliance industry, lucrative, excellent prospects, sudden set off waves in the market. As a focus clear spring water purifier water purifier business for 20 years, has a wealth of experience for water purification, an international leader in technology research and development, innovative ideas and fresh water purification mode, the April 9 of "supporting business action "Hunan station, clear spring to make new models, new ideas settled in Hunan, make clear mountain spring water purifier put down roots in the local share market!

   in this era of big data interconnection of all things, to see the situation, to find right opportunity, immediate action is the development of a critical factor. From tradition to share, from shared to innovation, and never stop is a clear spring attitude. This year will be clear spring with new models, new platforms, higher brand awareness, to provide better service to partners.

   Environmental Protection Bureau of Shenzhen City-Spring Co., Ltd. is a set of models, technologies and services several leading edge, is a scientific research base in South China University of Technology, and Suning Tesco to achieve the strategic goals of cooperation, and has a self-service platform (net cloud services platform era). Clear spring to unique strategic vision, absolute technical services advantage and take the forefront in the water industry. Active and innovative service concept, and actively carry out a series of activities supporting business planning, ensure the healthy development of the market, to help partners quickly develop new markets. Before clear spring attention to brand reputation, vigorously carry forward the corporate culture, mercantilism, respect for business, supporting business, love for the business enterprise advocate, adhere to "a group of people, life, good intentions one thing" core culture to lead the team to temper Row.

   In this competition is everywhere, everywhere there is a chance of the times, the right choice is half the battle. Clear Spring select high-quality partner, a partner who choose good business, success stems from choice, success is mutual. Clear Springs has always been convinced that only mutual trust with business partners, common development and win-win cooperation, enterprises can booming, thriving!

   April 9, Zhangjiajie, Hunan, clear spring "wisdom of the new retail store" model "supporting business activities" Grand Opening!

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