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Standards and services are the biggest obstaclto thdevelopme

   aggravated environmental pollution, fire up gradually so that the two products: one is to improve air quality air purifiers, one is to improve the water quality of the water purifier. Demand production, which is the law of the market. The early market development of any products, will be accompanying many market chaos, this is a law of the market. At present the "two net market" basically in the formative years, is far from standardized, being disturbed by some of the chaos.



   In the water purifier market as an example. In European and American countries, the penetration rate of water purifier terminal of more than 70%, but in the country, water purifier penetration rate of less than 8%, many areas of serious water pollution and even less than 1% penetration rate, even in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities, the penetration rate of water purifier terminal is also only about 15%, there is a great gap between the developed countries of Europe and America. But the extent of water pollution in China is not lower than developed countries, water pollution control and domestic development is relatively lagging behind many developed countries. The past 10 years, Chinas high incidence of water pollution, unsafe drinking water quality population of about 150 million people involved in water pollution situation is not optimistic, which makes the need for safe drinking water in the general population increasingly strong, home improvement water purifier will it is very necessary.

   It is to see a huge market potential, the influx extremely sensitive to the interests of capital. Which includes both companies with professional and technical capacity, including some traditional home appliances business, or some of the more popular snatch hot money. In the past three years, the explosive growth of the water purifier market is expected by 2020 this market will be in a stage of rapid development. According to incomplete statistics, Chinas water purifier brand now stands at 5600, in addition to 3M, the United States, Patio, AO Smith, adding fresh water, and several other well-known brands, many water filter companies are more obscure, closely follow the trend of SMEs and family workshops.

   corresponding to the rapid expansion of the market, it is the lack of standards and hysteresis. On the Zhongguancun Online recently sponsored the first "two net industry," Forum, some experts said that the lower threshold stage water purification industry, and industry standard development lags behind the development of the industry, the lack of uniform mandatory testing standards, regulatory standards, evaluation standards, leading to the proliferation of corporate brand, the market was mixed. Meanwhile, HeadBefore the water purifier market-related water purification technology and diverse, including microfiltration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis filtration, etc., and in terms of water purifier filter, another RO membranes, filters and other Dow, although a wide range of species, but the industry is the lack of market development for these products and technologies, making it difficult for consumers to digest and understanding of these concepts, and therefore caused no trust in the product.

   is better compared to the water purifier market, the air purifier market. Although still in a growth phase worry, there are still many problems, but has basically gone through the growth phase of brutal rampage of three non-product, production and consumer purchasing products are becoming more and more rational. The reason is that the market has national standards (National Standards Commission last September approved the release of GB / T18801-2015 "air purifier" national standards), management also regulate them, consumers have backbone, a lot of low-quality products and vendors are eliminated.

   and in order to remove the water purifier market chaos, the first thing to do is as soon as possible to national standards, Standard Specification for enterprise production and business activities. Of course, in addition to improving standards and regulations, strengthen supervision, good chaos outside of work, from the perspective of the market and the development of the industry, companies also have higher pursuit. "Two of net product" and other electrical products there is an important difference that the consumer service to manufacturers demanding. However, due to the early stage of barbarism over-emphasis on growth markets end (first goods sold, acquiring sales in the first round of) the inertial effects, many companies still ignore the sale, lack of attention to consumer experience. This situation will cause delay secondary consumer market, the impact of long-term development.

   Clearly, the "two net market" to be self-cleansing, it is necessary to focus on the market side, we must solve the problem of good product side, that is, the consumer pain points in the course of such change high filter costs, operational problems, long repair time. With the market standards, companies build up a sound system of after-care services, consumers do not purchase and use the worries, and enhance the confidence of businesses and markets, two industries will net into the healthy development track, usher a golden growth period.

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