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Water purifier market development impative Brand building is

   brand awareness for the development of an enterprise is no doubt, and competition between brands is the competition of soft power, feedback on the entire water purifier market, the brand is still in a development stage, really familiar, popular degree wide brand has not yet appeared. Therefore, the water purifier business if you want to open up a broader market, we must do a good job building this important brand wrench.




water purifier market development, brand building is an important imperative wrench (Photo from Internet)

   water purifier cost more attention [123 ]

   a home building materials city, the reporter interviewed Mr Yip just walk around, and when asked what brand water purifier looked, Mr Yip did not answer a monk, but fortunately, there are shopping guide to business cards. Mr Yip said that the store is in turn went house to house, mainly to see products like it or not, it is less likely to pay attention to the brand name. "General is to remember the location of the store, next time I can find a direct line." Mr. Wang said with a smile.

   The industry said that unless people familiar with the brand, otherwise consumers will not pay attention and memory. Allow consumers to form a cumulative memory of the brand is not easy, it takes time. And this accumulation is not simply rely on advertising. First product quality craft to cross the border, will it be possible to word of mouth. Second round, the dealer terminal publicity is an important channel for expansion. Participation in social welfare, government activities and establish a brand image, would require years or even decades to complete a little bit of time.

   dealer does not focus on branding

   "before the family bought a leather sofa is not a name brand, two years after use, there are some open line. Warranty period has passed, so we intend to dig some money so that businesses come to repair, but when we got to the store at the time of the facade has been replaced by other brands. "Ms. Jia public frustration. Miss Jia said that buy home more concerned about the quality and price of the product style, as the brand really does not care about. "But unknown brand shops may open a few days left, unlike some of the big brands, has various stores. Before I buy a water purifier want to contact businesses to find out the order, telephone also long been shut down. "Ms. Jia said she could only find their own maintenance personnel to repair a water purifier.

   In fact, the well-known brand dealers will have a headquarters set aside money as a promotional expense, or headquarters to local media docking voteAdvertise. However, many dealers are getting goods directly from manufacturers, continue to do business well done, does not do well on just about the store, and do not spend too much on the cost of publicity, not to mention the brand. The dealer is not as important cause of low brand awareness. Home appliance brand awareness

   low water purifiers, etc. There are a variety of reasons, one of which is a water purifier penetration rate in our country is not high, but once the purchase, the quality is very important, and now the consumer who pay more attention to product use and cost-effective, rather than popularity.

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