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Water purifier sell common scam, you must have an encount

  Water purifier sell common scam, there must be a release you encounter site: Published: 2015-11-30

   with the growing popularity of water purifiers, water purifiers on the market fraud is also increasing. As a company focused on home water purifier field more than ten years of high-tech enterprises, Walter will come with you to talk about those water purifier market in common scam!

   1, posters, leaflets said water purifier free installation, free trial

   water purifier unlike most of the appliances before installation was not completed through the water just semi-finished products, but also because various kitchen layout, the decoration is not the same, so the installation method is also kind of odd hundred thousand, there are some of the original kitchen of the formula and water purifiers because the cabinet does not have sufficient space to make a wall, and then, or in the kitchen of top cabinet go, the water supply from top to bottom. The water purifier installation method is the need for a dedicated hydropower master is designed to determine the unreasonable installation is not only possible to drink purified water, and may damage the water purifier or other furniture (such as flooring, cabinets) resulting in economic loss!

   so a lot of the regular factory-installed extra will be charged for the installation of water purification, this installation charge includes the cost of labor not only during installation, but also includes the cost of installation design and related accessories.

   In summary, water purifier free installation, free trial mostly business propaganda, to the latter need to be replaced or repaired when charges can become very expensive.

   2, water purifier filter permanently without replacement, rinse them out on it

   water purifier filter can be a consumable, started after the passage of time, as time , water purifier filter will become dirty, so to a certain period of time it is necessary to replace the filter. Filter replacement time is not to use the amount as a standard, but in units of time, that is when the water purifier is not used for a long period of time, then, is the need to replace the filter also ensures purifying effect of the water purifier.

   and various filters water purifiers, only ceramic filter can rinse them will be able to continue to use, but because the ceramic filter filtration capacity is very limited, usually used to intercept large particulate matter in the water, such as sand, gravel, etc., and can not play a very good filtering effect!

   3, which is a foreign articleBrand water purifiers production, quality and security

   water quality in different countries is not the same as those in developed countries in Europe and America family, you can drink straight tap water, and more water purifier is used to adjust the taste of tap water, rarely used to purify water. Therefore, the effect of foreign production of water purification water purifiers mostly no domestic production of water purifier so good, including the very well-known in Germany Brita filter kettle, compared from domestic UF water purification effect is not much better.

   Therefore, the production of foreign brands of water purifiers, domestic brands likely to buy raw materials in the production of the control relative to the domestic brand is stronger, but the filtering effect depends on the local water environment, serious then we are recommended , and guaranteed quality water purifiers, such as Walter.

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