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Re-set the strategic direction of home business toheimes

   among the growing economic and social changes in the market also will produce drastic changes, of course, also need furniture business execution strategy with the times in order to obtain more space for development. Furniture enterprises to change the mode of the times, includes not only strategic, profit structure, marketing strategy, personnel management as well as the integral part.



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   redesigned market profit model

   and now the Internet into peoples lives, changed its everything. The rise of the mobile Internet, it is clear to the change in business model. Peoples lifestyle and consumer awareness has undergone tremendous changes, low-cost strategy in the furniture market could not afford to lift big waves. Intelligent furniture, personalized furniture to become the future trend of development, how consumer-centric model to redesign products, production and marketing model, profit model to be placed in front of each furniture manufacturers imperative.

   business need heavy personnel management

   In order to expand market territory faster, the furniture industry has always been like "staking their claims." Puerile as the most direct means of market competition in the early stages of competition can be described as "immediate", and quickly occupied the market, the situation is excellent, seemingly picking up steam. However, in the pursuit of speed, weak profitability unable to support the increasing labor costs, from front-line staff "long working hours, low income" unsatisfactory existence, development and business operating profit and survival strategies, in stark contrast. Strategy was suspected, profit distribution, marketing strategy, personnel management, a series of problems surfaced, contradictions once concentrated outbreak, the consequences could be disastrous.

   to develop user-friendly management system

   Today, after a huge lineup of 80, 90, is playing the role of mainstay. Traditional furniture enterprises should play to the enthusiasm of employees and labor value through an effective system, but the adjustment of such a system should be "the times" adjustments, how to develop a system for them, how to make sense of belonging at home, design in line with its growth and career planning for growth is urgent and challenging task.

   enterprise development, the most critical. Humane management is not a new word, how truly humane management, furniture cornerstone of corporate branding. The rift employees and employers really made the businessWe have been advocating humane management being questioned.

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