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Rural water turbidity how to do


   rural water turbidity how to do, Xiao Bian suggest that you find out from the root, root cause water turbidity where is the root cause of the problem or plumbing problems, following on to the next.




of drinking water in rural areas are mostly their own wells pumped water, tap water is only in recent years appeared, mainly present life improves, peoples lives is awakening with the increase, with tap water has become an inevitable trend, then how tap water was safe to drink it? Is not required to buy a home water purifier was better point, rural water turbidity how to do it?


are the main sources of drinking water wells in rural areas, if placed in a few decades ago, almost all rural water supply is clean and can even drink. However, with the intensification of the process of modernization of agriculture, farming in rural areas now, when will use a lot of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which will pollute nearby water sources in many places and even appeared in the case of shrimp and fish in the river extinct.


Therefore, the villagers drink well water began to become less safe, because, well water are generally creek nearby stream, river and creek is the most vulnerable to chemical fertilizer and pesticide pollution. Therefore, when the surface water with these harmful substances may leach into groundwater, the villagers in many areas are already afraid of the well water is safe to drink. In addition to the chemical contamination of well water in many parts of itself hardness is too large, excessive heavy metals and other phenomena may also occur because of geology. If these long-term drinking water, will cause chronic damage to the body.


face under running water and well water are not safe and healthy situation, how can we drink healthy water. In general, in the case of excessive chlorine water, we can boil the water before drinking, because when the water after the high temperature treatment can effectively remove 99% of the residual chlorine in water, but can also kill the bacteria, which It is the easiest way we purify ordinary users can do.


The method of high temperature treatment but applies only to remove chlorine and sterilized, and can not effectively filter out heavy metals and other impurities in the water, well water in rural areas is the same reason. Therefore, in order to better purify water, of course, you need a water purifier. Household water purifiers can filter chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, silt, rust, will not be as pure physical purification of water plant purification process as there will be new hazardous substances,It is the most effective and safest method of purification.


Above is Xiaobian to solve rural water polluted, and I hope we are a bit role, more families drinking water Tips Stay tuned for this site.




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