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To how to clean the filter cleaner

   Core Tip: After you install the water purifier, you can produce pure water instead of bottled water the original. Bottled water is not only the production of drinking water safe, convenient, and can save a lot of cost.

   Now, with 80,90 has gradually begun married and the age of the population has a strong desire for consumption, but also for a number of fashion health products prefer. With the world now increasingly serious pollution of the water environment as a whole, our country has also been a burst of water pollution incidents, water quality problems have seriously affected peoples daily consumption of water, drinking water health.


   water pollution, peoples lives can not do without water, but contaminated water has great harm to human health. So water purification products such specialized popularity water purification products soared, loved by countless people. After the installation of water purifiers, can produce pure water instead of bottled water the original. Bottled water is not only the production of drinking water safe, convenient, and can save a lot of cost. However, the production of bottled water purifiers to pay attention to water machine to a system of pure water, but also to drunk often do not put too long, so as to ensure fresh water, no secondary pollution.

   but not buying the purifier, it is possible after installation. But also from time to time inspection and maintenance, replacement, clean the filter, so as to ensure the quality of purification. Filter is the core components of water purifier, the filter is to ensure the maintenance of good water purifier purifying effect. Normally, water purification filters to be cleaned regularly.


   If the water purifier is split, before the first wash can be placed in the water purifier clean pots. The screw is then connected to the filter down with water purifier unscrewed, there will be a dome top, the dome is opened, it will be found that there are two layers of non-woven cloth, to remove the water gently on a clean brush. The lower layer is a plastic cover, which after the structure is unscrewed two nonwoven layers and sand, clean water out on the same. Then, after adding water filter removed, shaken up and down several times, to discharge all the water. Finally, the members of each member of the water purifier are water rinse, original look press installation can. After connected, first through some scrub water purifier. Usually, every month or so, it is necessary for some water purifier clean.

   of the home water purifier periodically cleaning, help extend the life of the filter purifier, purifier to ensure the quality of the water purifier. But now due to poor water quality, many water purifiers are installed pre-filter, do not forget to clean the filter cleaning water purifiers, cleaning and sterilization of the filter itself is also very important, in general, it is best six months to replace the filter.

   Also, pay attention, no matter what brand, any function of water purification products, the use of the process should try to avoid direct sunlight and away from heat sources. Direct sunlight can breed blue algae, and if near a heat source, it will affect the life of the plastic parts.

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