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TDS pen testing standards to judge,he source of howopeak and

   TDS pen testing standards to judge how to speak and listen, the source of water purifiers, now is the product of every family must defend the whole familys health.



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   "TDS detection pen" is the most commonly used household domestic water detection tool it can with a simple, intuitive way, the initial judge the quality of local water quality. Generally, the TDS value is several hundreds of tap water, and the water through the water purification filter 10 falls below the value decreased, indicating water has been purified.

   However ......

   The lower the TDS value of the water, the more water okay?

   TDS pen for all water purifier it?

   TDS is the judgment of drinking water quality standards?



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   TDS what is?

   TDS is an abbreviation of "Total dissolved solids", and translated into Chinese is: "total dissolved solids"

   word is translated adults : "total amount of water can be dissolved in a variety of solid matter."

   and TDS pen - it is used to measure the total amount of water 3 is equipped large solid matter, the higher TDS values, means more solutes in water.

   We all know that pure water is not conductive, so the principle of TDS is:

   measure water conductivity, and thus converted from water the TDS value.



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   [World Health Organization announced drinkable standard water TDS value is less than 50; EU is less than 70; U.S. is less than 50]

   TDS can judgeWater quality is good or bad?

   The answer is not necessarily! Indicators measuring water quality is good or bad enough to have as many as 106, but only one of many indicators of TDS in.

   Eligible drinking water must meet: standard composite indicator turbidity, total number of colonies, the number of microorganisms, the concentration of heavy metals and organic matter content and the like; water tests rely TDS alone can not determine the quality and quality.

   Although the only reference value of TDS is not drinking water, but for pure water, the TDS values 鈥嬧€媎ecline, to some extent, means that water quality has improved significantly.

   like the same "thermometer" thermometer can only tell you if there is a fever, but you can not tell in the end is the type cold, wind-heat type, or viral. TDS pen is the reason, its just a instrument to detect water quality of tap water in your home can not know, in the end what kind of heavy metal or organic content excessive.

   After complete water testing equipment cost is too high, the TDS with relatively low cost, giving a quantifiable ordinary data.

   TDS value ultrafiltration machine is particularly high?

   Why ultrafiltration water purifiers value of TDS particularly high?

   almost even with the water?

   This is because, the TDS detection is "total dissolved solids", for reverse osmosis machine RO (i.e. pure water), the solubility of the material removed can reach 90% -98%;

   and ultrafiltration is filtered water particles, suspended solids and other impurities, the solubility of the material to retain water, the elements including calcium and magnesium ions. Therefore ultrafiltration filtered water can not drink straight, TDS focus detection is straight drinking water.



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   TDS value there allowed time?

   In fact, pure water TDS value measuring machine is a luxurious, many people ignore a lot of external factors in the measurement, resulting in the sole opinion of TDS value is high, the machine is no effect.

   Factors causing inaccurate TDS values:

   1, temperature: TDS pen is not used to measure the temperature of water

   normallyUnder elevated temperature, calcium and magnesium ions combined with other substances to increase the conductivity, and thus the value of TDS also becomes high, thus affecting the result of the detection.

   2, serious water pollution: the higher the concentration of water pollution affects the measurement data

   some of the higher TDS values 鈥嬧€媔n our country, even thousands of individual areas of groundwater, serious pollution if the raw water quality, It proposes to add a pre-protected prior to using RO reverse osmosis water.

   3, other factors:

   鈶?newly installed the machine, the machine or a new replacement cartridge, flush toilet requires 20-30 minutes, and then measured.

   鈶?storage bins pure water stored too long, it will affect the measurement results.

   So, if you find the nearest drinking water TDS value increases, it is likely that: your home water purifier that change the filter you ~!



(Source: Ann source of clean water organ network, invasion deleted)

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