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Pentium QH-C84 water purifier vegetables to cook a good help

   beauty of the heart, in everyone. Facial beauty is the first performance, with special attention to what the water wash. By the presence of chlorine, rust and other harmful substances in the water, so in the face of heavy metals and toxic substances easily lead attached to the skin surface, resulting in skin rashes, acne and the like. The use of water purifier can effectively avoid this situation. Today small for everyone to recommend a Pentium QH-C84 tap water purifier, simple but not simple.


the overall appearance of the water purifier Pentium QH-C84

   Pentium QH-C84 purifier using a transparent shell design, the entire filtration process visualization. Operation is very simple, clean water, raw water, shower water three kinds of modes can be selected, small, large amount of water. When not in use, water purifier not withstand water pressure, to prevent leakage and other security risks.


Pentium QH-C84 water purification products Details

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