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Safe drinking water


   safe drinking water is directly related to peoples health, so we need to pay attention to the safety of drinking water. 2020-06-05 small series to explain drinking water safety knowledge.


Water is essential to sustain life and metabolism of substances. Under normal circumstances, an adult drinking about 2500mL every day. Pros and cons of drinking water quality is directly related to the length of the life and health of the human body. According to the World Health Organization, 80% of human diseases related to water, poor water quality can cause a variety of diseases. The importance of safe drinking water visible. The following small series to introduce drinking water safety knowledge.




First, how to judge the quality of initial water quality?


Water quality determination public easiest way is the direct perception of the quality, for example, it can be seen with the naked eye whether the water containing suspended matter, whether there is precipitated material, and further observe the color and turbidity of water; with nose smell, good water is colorless and odorless. Of course, good sensory properties of water is not necessarily a bad security, the sensory properties of the water will not necessarily cause harm to human health, colorless and tasteless water safety is only preliminary criteria, accurate conclusions based on professional needs the results of water quality monitoring agency. But when a major change occurs suddenly sensory properties of drinking water, such as occurs when the stench smell, it often indicates that water has been contaminated, should pay attention to.


Second, why have a chlorine taste of tap water?


Water one sterilization method using domestic and common when chlorine disinfection. In order to maintain water disinfection and to avoid network delivered to the user during microbial contamination, the water pipe network peripheral chlorine content must be at 0.05mg / L or more, the water will be with chlorine taste.


Third, why the water appears milky?


When the high-pressure water delivery pipe closed, the pipe due to high pressure air into the water, when the water flows from the faucet, the water due to the air returned to normal pressure is released, thus the formation of numerous tiny bubbles, the water is milky white appearance, after placement while before the clarification, does not affect water sanitation.


Fourth, water Why yellow?


have yellow water phenomenon, is likely to be subjected to a water distribution network in the inner wall of iron pipes rustinfluences. Water can be let go of some, restore water quality to be clear before use.


Fifth, the water has a "soft" and "hard" parts do?


Water typically calcium, magnesium ion content and a low water quality is determined to soft, hard. Generally a higher content of groundwater calcium and magnesium, rigid quality; surface water calcium and magnesium content is lower, soft quality.


Six, taste and water soft and hard relationship?


relationship, the majority of mineral water high hardness, so people feel fresh, soft look and soft. But with hard water tea, coffee taste will be affected, so, especially when the tea to drink green tea, it is best to brew with a "softer" water under conditions permitting, taste better.


Seven, kettle Why is there a scale?


As used in daily life water has a certain hardness, high water hardness, upon heating, the insoluble calcium salt component and magnesium ions (such as calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate) will precipitated from the water, the formation of scale in the adhesive surface kettle.


Eight, why some water "salty" in?


When the high sodium ion content in water, the taste is the taste of water "salt" in. Such as higher sodium content of sea water, so the water is salty.


IX. Why send some water "bitter"


Many of groundwater, especially in high temperature water, usually containing high sulfate, this water tastes a little taste. " bitter".


X. Why is there water "rotten egg smell"?


When the water contains a lot of hydrogen sulfide, water alone smell of rotten eggs. This situation prompted the water may be contaminated, people should be vigilant and take measures to ensure the safety of drinking water.


Why did the water there will be "almond smell"?


When the water contains cyanide, almond odor of water there. This situation prompted the water may be contaminated cyanide, people should be vigilant and take measures to ensure the safety of drinking water.


XII. Why have some water, "astringency"?


is too much iron salts in water, water will not only lead to produce a color, while the water will have astringent taste, when high sulphate content of the water, the water will be astringent.


XIII, the water takes yellowColor indicates what?


(1) occurs when the presence of trace iron or chromium contaminated water, contaminated when humus, water experience presented yellow or brown.


(2) occurs when a trace of manganese contaminated water, the water takes brown.


(3) When the water contains sand loess turbid, and the water is yellow stain.


Fourth, where you can detect the quality of drinking water?


According to the "drinking water health standards" (GB 5749-2006) requirements, drinking water must comply with the standard before entering into the users home, so in general, tap water, people at home are eligible. If you doubt the quality of tap water in their own words, may report it to the local health watchdog. Health Authority complaints Tel: 96301.


Fifth, drinking abnormal situation how to do?


When the abnormal situation of drinking water, you should immediately call the hotline 96301 to report to the health supervision departments, and under the guidance of proper water, or stop the water. Specimens while applying clean container 3 ~ 5L of water as a sample, is provided to detect the health sector. If accidentally drinking contaminated water, should pay close attention to whether the physical discomfort. Such as abnormal, should immediately to the hospital. Once without water, you will need after receiving formal notice water pollution problem is solved relevant government departments to resume activity.


These are knowledge about drinking water safety of small series finishing, hoping to interest you help, you want to know more about water safety and other related knowledge do? Stay tuned for the next update it.




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