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Water purification industry chaos quality and bra competiven

   As the water purification industry has grown gradually and enterprise development, the emergence of water purification industry and continues to heat up, the water purifier brand is varied, agents home is flying in the sky. According to Ovid cloud network data, water purification market since 2012 go to achieve fast gallop from 2014 industry market reached $ 9.7 billion in 2015-- continued to rise in 2016, the scale of respectively 14.7 billion yuan and 20.3 billion yuan, water purifier market can be described as growing. Orville cloud network prediction, water purifier market size in 2018 will reach 32.9 billion yuan.


   water industry hot market performance, but also to many companies saw great potential in the field of water purification, have entered the market. And in the water purification industry thriving environment, some companies have neglected the products and services in a timely upgrade and improve that industry chaos.

   2017, AQSIQ issued a "water purifier 2017 special product quality supervision and inspection results," shows that in spot checks of 107 production of 109 batches of products, among them, 38 enterprises production of 38 batches of product failure, product failure detection rate of 34.9%.

   How to ensure water quality water purifier will be a question every business and family must face. Future development of the road the water purification industry, is inseparable from the following three points.

   First, the brand

   brand consumption has been a trend of the times, Chinas water purifier brand building, still in a preliminary stage, not many people are familiar with the brand, from that point , the future brand building the road will take some time precipitation.

   Second, the fine

   water purifier future competitiveness of enterprises is reflected in the competition details, nuances highlight the effort. Quality details, details reflect the taste, the details show differences in the details determine success or failure. Invaluable details that creative, so unique. In modern society, people have become increasingly high, the water purifier market management to pay attention to the fine, the details can often reflect their professional standards, highlighting the intrinsic quality of enterprises, improve product quality.

   Third, the scale

   Throughout China water purifier industry, we have found that the regional agglomeration increasingly obvious, the water purification industry is still based on small and medium enterprises as the mainstay of the industry. Industry concentration is veryLow, there is no centralized monopoly market share in a business, large enterprises in the domestic water purifier handful. But it also has some of the advantages of water purifier industry business development opportunities. And those poor management, lack of competitive small enterprises will face out of the water purifier doom.

   recent years, some of the water purifier business premises, accelerate the construction of industrial parks, with the introduction of mass production and advances in production processes of advanced production equipment, water purification industry is inevitable. Water purifier companies expanding production capacity, will drive a significant decline in product prices; and with the lack of increase in the water purification industry mechanic labor costs, then left the SMEs will become smaller and smaller profit margins, a large number of SMEs will gradually fade out the market.

   Under "brand, fine, large-scale" development in three directions, water purifier business only enhance their product quality and brand competitiveness and better service to consumers, and ultimately to become a water purifier an industry heavyweights.

   (Source: "New Blue Network")

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