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What are the characteristics of ultrafilttion wer purifi

  What are the characteristics of ultrafiltration water purifier publishing site: Published: 2018-06-14

   1, food-grade material, safe, reliable, green.

   2, Korea generation filter, high filtration accuracy, long life, a water hammer, pressure and other tests are pass NSF standard test

   3, M6 U.S. imports activated carbon, high adsorption capacity (iodine adsorption value of 1100mg / g) more than one national standard activated carbon (1000mg / g) effective adsorption of chlorine, heavy metals, organic matter, etc., and remove the water odor Leis: microporous activated carbon can adsorb and remove water since Leis caused humus, odor, to achieve the purpose of improving water quality

   4, South Korea imported high membrane flux removal yarn contamination resistance, high strength and strong, national sanitary materials, and remove the bacteria suspended particles, mineral retention

   5, purely physical treatment is beneficial to the body, no secondary pollution

   6, Korea fast-circuited line technology, installation, use, and easy maintenance.

   7, production of drinkable water.

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