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Special significance -in the water- _ central water sofn

  Special significance "in the water" Author: Tim net water purification Views: 575 Time: 2016-9-19 9:52:22 Central water softeners originated in Japan of "recycled water", in fact, there are many definitions of interpretation. Among sewage works, it is called "recycled water" among industrial water, it is called "reuse water" among city water, it is called "water." Generally water quality as a distinguishing mark. The main means to achieve a certain water quality standards after municipal sewage or sewage treated, non-potable water can be reused within a certain range. Urban sewage treatment facilities through deep purification treated water (including sewage treatment plant after secondary treatment then the treated water centralized water and large buildings after the deepening of treatment, bathing water community life, vegetables and water, etc.) collectively "water." Interposed between the water quality of tap water (Sheung) sewage into the inner pipe (water), also named as "water." Water use also referred wastewater reuse. In the United States, Japan, Israel and other countries, toilet flushing, landscape and irrigation, road cleaning, car washing, city fountains, cooling water and other supplementary equipment, all use a lot of water. Our country is water-scarce countries, but there is no water use for special projects, special funds have not only guide policy, the amount of water conservancy in the cities is based on different levels of water scarcity in this city-specific. In recent years, a lot of insight are calling the greatest extent possible the use of water. In the just-concluded meeting of the CPPCC, the CPPCC members also raised the question Gong Li, Gong Li traveled to many cities in the world, deep feelings for the advanced countries to use in case of water. According to statistics, 80% of urban water supply into water, after collection and treatment, 70% of the recycled water can be recycled again. This means that by recycling waste water, can be in the case of existing water supply unchanged, the citys water availability increased by at least 50%. All countries in the world pay attention to the use of recycled water, recycled water as a legitimate alternative sources, is being more widely utilized, and become an important part of urban water resources. Obviously, the use of "water" in urban water supply systems for pressure relief plays an important regulatory role.

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