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The mineral-rich material harm to the human body


   because we lack knowledge of mineral water, I believe we do not understand the material harm to the human body is rich in mineral water, then invited to answer them now.




mineral water we all drink, because we know too little of the mineral water, we are not very clear what the substance contained in the mineral water on, then the rich material of mineral water the human body harm? If you regularly drink bottled water, okay? with these questions to the popularity of home drinking water little knowledge, we have to study hard oh oh.


The mineral water which is rich in substances harmful to the body, what harm does look next report small series for everyone:?


mineral water contains a variety of substances beneficial to humans and free carbon dioxide, but if you drink too much mineral water, will affect the digestive function and secretion of gastric juice, but also affect the formation and secretion of bile, causing the bodys acid-base imbalance. Since the mineral water contains more minerals, excessive drinking causes these mineral salts stimulate the kidneys and bladder, increasing the burden on the kidneys and bladder. So suffering from chronic nephritis, hypertension, edema associated with heart disease and in patients not suitable for drinking mineral water, mineral water but can not be taken as a healing potion. In addition, some mineral water further contains a trace amount of lead, mercury, cadmium and other toxic and harmful elements, thus, as a manufacturer, active development of a variety of mineral water, while strict control should be to maximize the separation or removal of harmful trace elements.


above is a summary of the substance on the human body harm on the rich mineral water, please note that the small series to remind you try to drink mineral water. Thank you to our attention, we will put all our support is converted into power to serve you, to continue to provide more health knowledge for everyone.




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