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Out of the morass of homogenizationmarket competion inrder t

   At present, With the improvement of health and environmental awareness of peoples living standards, water purifier market can be more intense, but also led to the water purifier market was mixed, the same phenomenon intensified. Moment, lack of awareness of innovation has become a key factor hindering the development of enterprises, enterprises need a water purifier out of the homogenization quagmire as soon as possible, in order to truly enhance their own competitiveness.




out of the morass of homogenization of market competition in order to enhance water purifier (Photo from Internet)

   issue of homogeneity on the water purifier market need to be addressed

   water purification industry in China for many years of development, now under the influence of a series of internal and external factors, the development of the industry trend seemed to be somewhat sluggish. In this case, part of the water purifier companies want to ensure their own profit margins on the cost of production, so that makes the culture of plagiarism to mimic the market is particularly serious. For water purifier business, blindly imitate plagiarism is seriously hinder their development.

   on the current water purifier market, with the water purification industry continues to mature, the level of competition between enterprises and companies have begun escalating. In recent years, the number of influx of water purifier market companies is increasing, which makes the water purifier market order is relatively some confusion, the prevailing ethos of plagiarism seriously hindered the development of the industry. For their own purposes, we want a foothold in the market, the need to strengthen their product originality.

   conscious decision to enhance the intellectual property rights of enterprise development

   It is understood that, at present, domestic water purifier water purifier market is not yet mature, in addition to individual high-end products, the market is not particularly well-known enterprises, still in the early branding, industry dispersed, resulting in serious plagiarism, enterprises lack the self-discipline, being copied, while some others are copying, plagiarism has become a tacit behavior. At this stage, due to the water purification industry barriers to entry are not high, not enough to stop the endless stream of technical barriers to imitation, coupled with the awareness of IPR protection, many companies are extremely weak, leading to water purification industry famous waterfront, walking a fine line, imitation and other cottage a very serious problem.

   a lot of water purifier companys brand image and therefore serious damage, also led directly to the consumer crisis of confidence. In terms of development of the industry, the lack of intellectual property protection are indeed a big "flawed." Now, a lot of water purifier business in the actual development process, both suffer CityField plagiarism atmosphere can not be suppressed, resulting in part of the water purifier business of the original product was copied. For the water purifier business, you want to intense competition in the market to win, it must be strongly resisted the trend to imitate.

   on the current water purifier market, the degree of attention to corporate intellectual property is not high so that such issues can not be curbed, for businesses, only to strengthen the awareness of intellectual property, in order to clean up the market order fundamentally. For the culture of plagiarism on the current market, water purifier business in the actual development process needs to identify the direction, where only recognize their own problems, to find a direction for their own development in the midst of intense competition. At the same time, enhance the awareness of intellectual property and enhance the innovation capacity will become the key to future development, the company has only enhance their multi-angle, to more of a chance of winning in the market competition.

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