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Taobao station about the emergence of fakand I lovthstatemen

   Lately, I have found that criminals in Division Taobao site above to fake, shoddy "East magnetic plus love" to impersonate our products and low-cost sales of its brand-name products, in order to safeguard consumers who vital interests, but also to maintain our good product reputation and corporate image, now a solemn statement as follows:

   First, the company never authorized any product and / or the companys sales of the company on the Internet .

   Second, the company DMEGC plus love is well-known Chinese brands, all of our products are authorized through a standardized sales channel to sell or available to the general user.

   Third, the Division does not been formally authorized by the Companys sales of products to provide quality assurance and technical service.

   Fourth, while the spread on the network has not been authorized for the company and distribute the companys "East magnetic plus love" of price and product information, the Company does not assume any responsibility for the truthfulness and effectiveness. Our only released through the following three channels of news,

   the companys website: http: //

   HC Mall: http: // /

   Lynx flagship store: http: //

   C Taobao shop: http: //

   Ali Baba shop: http: behavior of the product of false information //

   Fifth, the company for unauthorized network communication and dissemination on the companys "East magnetic plus love" put into reserves the right to pursue its legal responsibility.

   in order to protect their rights and interests of consumers, all the information about our products, please visit the companys official website or contact our sales staff. Site at: http: //

   hereby declare!

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