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Ou Punuo only four steps take you easily open water purifies

  One problem 娆ф櫘璇轰粎鍥涙 甯︿綘杞绘澗寮€鍑€姘村櫒鍔犵洘搴? width= With growing environmental pollution, life has become a drinking water health and safety issues people have to be addressed. Many investors saw the inherent water purifier market, have joined the water purification industry, which does not lack any experience of investors, below, just as we talk about in detail, about the water purifier shop need to prepare for what?

   first: a complete program

   to do one thing must have a plan, and my heart have a blueprint. We have to consider the cost of investment, profit margins, supply, store address, shop fitting, management personnel, management plan, after-sales service and so on, these are ready, know where the target, so the heart bamboo successful, then step by step to implement. Fantasy is a waste of time, decided to do it immediately.

   Second: investment costs and profits

   to do business, you need to take into account the costs and profits of the filter, only the development of large profit opportunities, such as the current water purification industry, water purification only in recent years the rise of things, the national water purifier penetration rate of less than 10 percent, market demand, profit margins are greater. Today, water purification industry, most of the water purifier brands are joining fee 0 $ 0 to join, free reimbursement decoration, and so on ad-supported policies.

   Third: shop location and decoration

   store location is critical in high traffic shop lots, equivalent to having a fixed point of advertising, so the election in the shop site, investors should be cautious line. Market have suggested that the large flow of pedestrian or appliances focal point, may be the area near the new development. In terms of decoration, water purifiers headquarters renovation program and provide consistent renderings, allowing investors to save time and effort.

   The fourth: management and personnel management plan

   to open a water purifier store, the daily operation and need only two to three people, one person or two people Kandian, 1 person out installation and maintenance can be, in the business simply do not need to pay any money. In the business plan, although the water purifier headquarters provides management plan, but, after all, every place has water market is not very clear, only investors a better understanding, so it requires investors to take a little effort.

   more than four points, is basically a water purifier shop need to prepare things, hope can help to you.Water purifier, the national investment for the fiery, please consult the online customer service or message.

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