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Note the usof thfour water purifieyou needo know


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   a water purifier Precautions: Note the timely replacement of the filter element

   different from the general water purifier household appliances, not once after purchase, but requires periodic cleaning or replace the internal filter. Because no matter what kind of filter material is used, after a lot of organic matter on adsorption it will work for some time, likely to become a breeding ground for bacteria. On the water purifier filter life cycle, it should be strictly enforced regularly changing standards and specifications of the late filter maintenance services. In product design, the first pre-precipitation channel filter replacement cycle of 3 months, the second front track granular activated carbon filter, a fourth rear passage and a fifth channel activated carbon filter particles TCR is activated carbon filter 6 months to replace. Depending on the life of each channel filter, the filter should be changed regularly, cleaning, maintenance, water purifier, to ensure the safety and health of water users are ready to drink, so that healthy living to the next level.

   water purifier Note the use of two: avoid direct sunlight

   Whatever the water treatment machines, use should pay attention to avoid direct sunlight, because sunlight will breed blue algae. Be sure to properly protect against water purifier, must be placed in the balcony or if there may be exposed to direct sunlight, it is recommended to build a shade cover or baffle near the water purifier, which will play the anti-algae effect.

   Note the use of the water purifier III: away from heat

   The water purifier by water heater too long baking, will affect the life of plastic parts. After installation, the original use of bottled water, bottled water, a user-generated, so that drinking water safe, convenient, save money. But to note here: First, do often drunk guarantee fresh water. Second, pre-production water should be used for the first time in the water, some cleaning of buckets.

   Note purifier using four: correct washing water purifier

   Cleaning water purifier water purifier usually pots on a clean, filtered unscrew core vertically, the upper after the dome is opened, there are two layers of nonwoven cloth, with a new toothbrush brush clean gently on the water, the lower layer (that is, there are many layers of stones) has a plastic cap is unscrewed, there is also a non-woven cotton and two sand, water gently on each brushed clean, then through the filter into the water after shaking up and down several times, and finally rinsed with water purifier

   Note purifier using five: grasp step

   maintenance of water purifier

   1) clean and disinfect the water purifier

   2) Test tuning controller

   3) replacement of the activated carbon, KDF KDF filter updating and maintenance of the reactor apparatus and the magnetizer

   [123 all ring] 4) during replacement and detachment

   5) replacing the original filtration system

   clean installation can press the original look, about every month or so, it is necessary cleaned once.

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