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[Drinking] water purifier new standards will ush the -spng-

  [Drinking] water purifier new standards will usher in the "spring" Published: at 16:54 on September 4, 2017 Hits: 59

From July 1, the new "drinking water health standards" will be enforced in the country, China will start drinking water standards with international standards, which led to concerns about the health concept of drinking water. The industry believes that, in the past weak sales of home water purifier market, will take usher in a new opportunity for development.


a. The new national standard of drinking water caused concern


The new "drinking water health standards" on the basis of the previous 35 water quality indicators, a substantial increase to 106, index limits are more stringent, the overall water quality standards and the standards of developed countries. The new standard has three main features: the first is to strengthen the requirements for water quality aspects of organic matter, micro-organisms and disinfection of the water quality; the second is to unify urban and rural drinking water health standards; third is basically a drinking water standards with international standards . Especially for these indicators to detect heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, chromium and more stringent requirements to ensure the safety of drinking water.


II. Water purifier market ushered in a new opportunity


"In the past sales of home water purifier has been relatively flat, but recently began to improve." Appliance dealers Jiang Yumei said that the "standard" after the implementation of this months news spread, many consumers are concerned about water purification products. Many home water purifier manufacturers also with the "standard" of influence, played the "health card." In June, household water purifiers store sales increased approximately 20% over the same period last year.


a certain brand of water purification agents SUN Lan, the "standard" implementation of more people paying attention to healthy drinking water, sales of household water purifiers and therefore is expected to usher in a new round of growth. Meanwhile, the "standard" requirements more stringent, under the influence, the upgrading of water purification products, development of the industry is also expected to be further standardized.


III. Optional use water purifiers need to pay attention


remind the business sector, currently on the market of household water purifier brand, more categories, consumers should try to go to a regular appliance store Buy a high degree of brand products. In the purchase of water purifiers, consumers should pay attention to see if the products are related to health permit approval documents; for water purification process requires electricity products, but also to see thatNo appliances with "3C" certification.


The industry said that in the course of the water purifier, the consumer must promptly replace the filter, avoid prolonged use, causing health and safety risks. Ranging from 3 months to 1 year period of use water purifier filter is. When consumers buy water purifier, you should consult the specific product filter replacement cycle for timely updates in the future.


so long-term water pollution is not all of a sudden can be resolved, it is impossible to implement the new standard in one step. Therefore, in daily life, to ensure drinking water safety, water purifier that we can not do without a good partner.

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