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The new line of homappliances market changes sincMay - consu

  Since May the new line of home appliance market changes http: //www.js.hc360.com2020骞?at 09:45 on May 29 Source: appliances circle T

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   HC into the clean water network in May, the first-line appliance market Although there is no harvest "retaliatory consumption", but feedback many businesses, sales of first-line market is good, fast recovery. Meanwhile, the brand, the business market competition, changes a lot.


   "Suning Tesco who has come to the shop gave me seven or eight times, advised me to turn off the Jingdong home appliance stores, open cloud Suning retail shop. To tell the truth, to me this age, or less frustrating, single-minded to do Jingdong stores. on the other hand, now has a comprehensive line of appliance sales, Jingdong, Sunings reputation is not as influential for young people, why should I toss once again for some petty . "

   Recently, a dealer in Nantong, Jiangsu township to communicate with home appliances circle, sharing a new line of home appliances market changes this year. According to him, now includes Jingdong appliances, Lynx excellent products, Tesco Suning, Gome and other platforms in the retail markets around town "is intense," opponents have dug quality franchisees, "skirting" seats and seize territory.

   In recent days, through their true feelings, reflecting from the local market through communication with a number of townships auto, home appliances circle current and future period of time, appliance manufacturers market focus and business direction of development.

   First, Jingdong, Lynx, Suning, Gome, these big businesses who have all accelerated the construction of township franchise and landing. The results brought the entire appliance retail landscape is completely changed, those towns do not store individual channels patron, patron of the brand did not, it was hard. It also speeds up the home appliance retail channel reshuffle the rural market.

   a number of appliance service personnel in the town market, also confirmed these trends. They told appliances circle, then the line open stores this year, a number of installation services list, basically Jingdong, Suning stores these townships. Those old family-run shop, there is little business.

   Second, a lot of "speculation faction" and "fence" on the rural market, the living space getting smaller and smaller. With the home appliance dealer said, whether it is done now Jingdong, Lynx, or Suning stores, want to "half-hearted" is definitely not good to do, need to focus on. In the single-minded platformDriven, whether it is to engage in live, or do promotions, or puerile, must be put into it.

   In fact, the past two years in the home appliance market, many dealers are "speculative school", "fence", do half-hearted market. For example, there are bargains electricity supplier, they point out from the electricity supplier; traditional agents have bargains, getting goods from the agent there; even, there are many people, in order to purchase cheaper from changing commodity business there. For franchisees each platform, the only "single-minded" to go along with the platform, not left behind do not fool around, to really do it, live.

   Moreover, the rural consumer awareness and online shopping habits, is already "turning back." Many home appliances distribution, we are now the biggest confusion is that these young men on the countryside, no matter what to buy direct online shopping, and many places are logistics delivery. In fact, our home appliance stores than Jingdong, Suning shop cheaper, but users do not care, they have formed habits.

   Some dealers said that the township, limited store space, the strength of our many products and brands do not supply. But electronic business platform category, brands are sufficient. I asked some young people come to the store "out of stock", and turned to go online shopping. If this continues, we rely on to attract these young users?

   In addition, there are many high-quality dealer market towns revealed that since the beginning of May, sales at the entire line market has entered the track. Although the "retaliatory rebound" does not appear, but the recovery of the overall market is still very fast. However, in this process, those who do not "platform and large retail brand" patron of the township dealers, shipping is very bad, in boil time; at the same time, some of the past famous waterfront cottage, small and low-priced brand product sales, basically difficult to promote.

   Of course, this situation does not reflect all the household appliances industry, the real situation, just some minor changes in some markets, may also insight into the trend of the market, such as shuffling, shuffling brand channels, never stopped ;

   At the same time, a number of changes in the market has only just begun, it is difficult to determine is the future trend and the general direction of the Chinese market, after all, a great difference between the north and south of stuff, some of the less developed areas of the business must plan ahead, and actively embrace change ;

   Moreover, do not be afraid to market changes, and do not exaggerate the difficulties of the market, but to learn to build their own new methods and novice in such market conditionssegment.


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