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One minute to tell you how good results inhend war purifiers

   Some people say water purification products are pushed to the extent of such hot today, some people say that rely on water purifier brand manufacturers are marketing tools, and some say that the franchisees means of speculation, but the above there is no convincing argument is really right to speak to a water purifier using a long-term effect is that people use too, then you one minute to tell you how good water filter effect in the end!

   water purification products currently on the market is divided into two core membrane ultrafiltration or nanofiltration membrane.

   Ultrafiltration principle is the principle of a membrane separation process, the ultrafiltration utilizes a membrane active pressure, the water trapped colloids, particles and relatively high molecular weight species under external driving force (pressure) acts, while the water and small solute particles through the membrane separation process. Through the porous filter membrane surface may be of a molecular weight cutoff 3x10000-1x10000 substance. When the water to be treated by means of the action of ambient pressure at a constant flow rate through the membrane surface, water molecules and molecular weight less than 300-500 solutes through the membrane, while particles larger than the membrane pores, and the like due to the sieving effect macromolecules are retained, so that the water to be purified. That is, when the water through the membrane, most of the colloidal silica may be contained in the water is removed, while removal of a large number of organic compounds and the like.

   In its filtration accuracy of 0.1 to 0.01 m, compared to microfiltration to filter out bacteria, but on a smaller scale hazardous substances, viruses, heavy metals, fluorides still powerless.

   performance nanofiltration membrane separation applications in which the significant feature of the following:

   First, its molecular weight cutoff between reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration membranes, was 150-2000g / mol;

   Second, inorganic nanofiltration membrane has a certain rejection, because its surface parting layer is composed of polyelectrolyte, electrostatic interaction of ions.

   Third, ultra-low-voltage high flux, i.e. still work ultralow pressure (0.1Mpa), and greater throughput. Nanofiltration process without any chemical reaction, no heating, no phase transition, will not destroy the biological activity, it does not change the flavor, aroma, which is more widely used in the preparation of drinking water and food, pharmaceutical, bio-engineering , pollution and other industries in various separation and concentration purification processes.

   One nanofiltration filtering mainstream, because filtering accuracy of nanometers (0About .001 m) named, the filtration technology have been able to partially viruses, heavy metals, organic pollutants, a more radical scaling filtered off. But smaller than a particle diameter of nanometer order still can not effectively filter fluorides.

   nanofiltration and ultrafiltration filter out impurities in the water to some extent, but some viruses and fluorides diameter of less than nanoscale particles can not be filtered.

   RO reverse osmosis

   Simply put its technical principle is mainly used to gauge the power of the filtration membrane separation technology, which originated in the 1960s, mainly for the beginning aerospace research, with the continuous development of technology updates, slowly into the home, and the field is currently applied more widely.

   RO RO membrane pore size to nanometer (1 nanometer = 10-9 meters), is one millionth of hair, the naked eye can not see, bacteria, viruses, it is 5000 times. At a certain pressure, only water molecules can squeeze through the membrane.

   and salts in the source water, heavy metal ions, organics, colloids, bacteria, viruses impurities can not pass through the RO membrane to filter out real drinking water without any impurities.

   The figure is a schematic diagram:


   RO water production machine with respect to bottled water or bottled water healthier safer to drink directly drink may boil.

   drinking water used for cooking, more hygienic, more palatable; drinking water used for bathing, it is possible to remove impurities from the skin, moisturize the skin, to the effect of natural beauty; drinking water may be supplied to the humidifier, steam iron, and other small appliances beauty instrument required water; direct drinking water using the ice maker support, made of crystal clear ice, without any odor.

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