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Plastic cups to drink water harm tohe body


   the use of plastic cups to drink water the body will not cause some harm, but the premise is a national food safety level of plastic cups, plastic cups in accordance with the correct method to carry out the operation.




real life, many people will prefer to use plastic cups to drink water, which we will find in the supermarket with a variety of plastic cups to use is more convenient, the price is relatively affordable, but when using plastic cups to drink water also need to pay attention, our best is to pick the kind of porcelain cups do. Plastic cups to drink water on the body there is no harm to it? Although we would prefer to use plastic cups, but for physical health will be more concerned about, Xiao Bian below please tell us about the specific dangers of plastic cups in the end how much,


under the premise of understanding of the harm plastic cups to drink water, we need to understand the knowledge of plastic cups, the type of plastic itself will be more, when using plastic cups, if prolonged use plastic cups to drink water, the best advice the use of glass and ceramic cups, because the question itself has said aspects of aging. According to the different needs of customers, the plastic material of the cup will appear different, regular production out of plastic cups will not exist as long as this does not cause excessive external.


the proper use of plastic cups will not cause some harm, plastic cups after the heat will precipitate some chemicals, although seemingly smooth plastic surface, but in fact there are many gaps, easy to filth. Cup affected computers, chassis, and other static electricity, will absorb more dust, bacteria, germs, a long time will affect their health. When using plastic cups, be sure to rinse timely, then the case can not be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, will there is a certain risk.


here to remind you, the people working in the office the best choice for stainless steel cups, glasses or choose to drink water, but also need to be cleaned promptly every day, it is best to use detergent, and with hot water rinse, this cup is cleaner, do not direct the cup near the computer, or some household appliances, we must ensure that the indoor air circulation, often windows open for ventilation, the wind can make indoor dust away, the body will have a very big advantage.




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